AGLE - アエグリア・バイオセラピュ―ティクス (Aeglea BioTherapeutics Inc.) アエグリア・バイオセラピュ―ティクス



symbol AGLE
会社名 Aeglea BioTherapeutics Inc (アエグリア・バイオセラピュ―ティクス)
分野(sector) Health Care   ヘルスケア
産業(industry) Major Pharmaceuticals  
業種 バイオテクノロジ―_メディカルリサ―チ   医療関連(Health Care)
概要 事業概要 Aeglea BioTherapeutics Inc. is a biotechnology company which is engaged in the development of enzyme-based therapeutics in the field of amino acid metabolism to treat inborn errors of metabolism (IEM) and cancer. The Company''s product pipeline includes AEB1102 AEB3103 AEB2109 and AEB4104. Its lead product candidate AEB1102 is engineered to degrade the amino acid arginine and is being developed to treat over two extremes of arginine metabolism including arginine excess in patients with Arginase I deficiency an IEM as well as some cancers which have shown to have a metabolic dependence on arginine. AEB1102 reduces blood arginine levels in nonclinical and oncology clinical studies. AEB3103 targets the degradation of the amino acid cysteine/cystine. AEB2109 targets the degradation of the amino acid methionine. AEB4104 targets the reduction of elevated levels of the amino acid homocystine associated with the IEM classical homocystinuria.   アエグリア・バイオセラピュ―ティクスは米国のバイオテクノロジ―企業。先天性の代謝疾患やがん治療のための治療用酵素の開発に注力する。血液中でアルギニン、システイン、メチオニン、ホモシステインなどの特定のアミノ酸を分解することで、がん疾患などにおける、アミノ酸の血中濃度を正常値に導くことに焦点を置く。本社はテキサス州オ―スティン。   
本社所在地 901 S. MoPac Expressway Barton Oaks Plaza One Suite 250 Austin TX 78746 USA
代表者氏名 Armen B. Shanafelt Armen B. Shanafelt
代表者役職名 Independent Chairman of the Board
電話番号 +1 512-942-2935
設立年月日 41609
市場名 NASDAQ National Market System
ipoyear 2016年
従業員数 43人
EBITDA EBITDA(百万ドル) -32.25900
終値(lastsale) 9.63
時価総額(marketcap) 211812158.16
時価総額 時価総額(百万ドル) 209.99560
売上高 売上高(百万ドル) 6.63100
企業価値(EV) 企業価値(EV)(百万ドル) 137.80260
当期純利益 当期純利益(百万ドル) -31.89000
決算概要 決算概要 BRIEF: For the six months ended 30 June 2018 Aeglea Bio Therapeutics Inc revenues increased 58% to $3.9M. Net loss increased 36% to $17.5M. Revenues reflect an increase in demand for the Company's products and services due to favorable market conditions. Higher net loss reflects Research and development - Balancing val increase of 47% to $15.3M (expense) General and administrative - increase of 16% to $4.7M (expense).


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