symbol BUD
会社名 Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV (アンハイザ―・ブッシュ・インベブ)
業種 飲料_ビ―ル酒造   一般消費財(Consumer Products)
概要 アンハイザー・ブッシュ・インベブ(Anheuser Busch Inbev NV)は醸造事業に従事するベルギーの会社である。同社は400以上のビールブランドのポートフォリオを保有する。同社のブランドポートフォリオには、「Budweiser」、「Corona」と「Stella Artois」などのグローバルなブランド、 「Beck''s」、「Leffe」と「Hoegaarden」などのインターナショナルブランド、「Bud Light」、「Skol」、「Brahma」、「Antarctica」、「Quilmes」、「Victoria」、「Modelo Especial」、「Michelob Ultra」、「Harbin」、「Sedrin」、「Klinskoye」、「Sibirskaya Korona」、「Chernigivske」、「Cass」と「Jupiler」などの地方ブランドを含む。同社ののソフト・ドリンク事業は子会社とPepsiCo間の瓶詰めと配分に関するPepsiCoとの生産と契約から構成される。同社の子会社であるAmbevはPepsiCoボトラーである。これらの契約に基づいて流通されるブランドは「Pepsi」、「7UP」、「Gatorade」である。  アンハイザ―・ブッシュ・インベブはベルギ―のビ―ル醸造会社。主要ブランドは「バドワイザ―」、「ベックス」、「ステラ・アルトワ」、「ヒュ―ガルデン」、「スコ―ル」、「バハマ」、「キルメス」、「ミケロブ」、「ハルビン」、「Sedrin」、「Klinskoye」、「シビルスカヤ・カロ―ナ」、「Chernigivske」、「ジュピラ―」等。  Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV, commonly known as AB InBev, is a Belgian multinational drink and brewing company based in Leuven, Belgium. AB InBev has a global functional management office in New York City, and regional headquarters in São Paulo, London, St. Louis, Mexico City, Bremen, Johannesburg and others.
本社所在地 Brouwerijplein 1 Leuven 3000 BEL
代表者氏名 Carlos Alves Brito
代表者役職名 Chief Executive Officer Member of the Executive Board of Management
電話番号 +32 16-27-6111
設立年月日 28338
市場名 NYSE(ニューヨーク証券取引所)
従業員数 172603人
url www.ab-inbev.com
EBITDA (百万ドル) 21943.00000
時価総額 (百万ドル) 146095.30000
売上高 (百万ドル) 54619.00000
企業価値(EV) (百万ドル) 248848.30000
当期純利益 (百万ドル) 4252.00000
決算概要 BRIEF: For the fiscal year ended 31 December 2018 Anheuser Busch Inbev NV (ADR) revenues decreased 3% to $54.62B. Net income applicable to common stockholders excluding extraordinary items decreased 47% to $4.25B. Revenues reflect Operating Segment-EMEA decrease of 19% to $8.37B Operating Segment-Latin America North decrease of 8% to $8.99B Operating Segment-Latin America South decrease of 15% to $2.86B.



   Bud Light parent company’s stock downgraded by HSBC amid branding ‘crisis,’ huge sales drop  2023/05/11 03:14:32 Bitcoin Ethereum News
The post Bud Light parent company’s stock downgraded by HSBC amid branding ‘crisis,’ huge sales drop appeared on BitcoinEthereumNews.com . HSBC has downgraded Anheuser-Busch InBev stock to hold amid a “crisis” following Bud Light’s marketing campaign featuring transgender activist Dylan Mulvaney. Carlos Laboy, managing director at HSBC’s global beverage sector,…
   ''Bud Light crisis'': HSBC downgrades Anheuser-Busch stock, sees ''deeper problems'' than company admits  2023/05/10 21:04:13 The Washington Times
HSBC stock analyst Carlos Laboy downgraded stock in AB InBev, Anheuser-Busch''s parent company, to "hold," saying the U.S. branch of the world beer giant had been damaged by the flap over its partnership with transgender social-media influencer Dylan Mulvaney.
   BUD Stock Alert: Bud Light Sales Continue to Fall After Dylan Mulvaney Ad  2023/05/10 21:01:39 InvestorPlace
One month ago, a controversial ad campaign sent Anheuser-Busch (NYSE: BUD ) shares into free fall. The beer conglomerate partnered with transgender influencer and advocate Dylan Mulvaney and apparently, much of its fanbase did not approve. BUD stock plunged in April and has continued trending downward. Over the last month, shares are down 5%. Exactly one month later, the dust is finally starting to settle. A safe conclusion to draw is that BUD stock isn’t bouncing back easily. In fact, the company reported discouraging sales for the month of April. This isn’t helped by the fact that Wall Street seems to be souring on Anheuser-Busch as well. What’s Happening With BUD Stock The company’s recent sales figures show that Bud Light sales have been on the decline over the past month. TipRanks reports that Anheuser-Busch sales overall have fallen 12% since Mulvaney’s ad and that Bud Light sales are down 21.4%. Beer Business Daily has described these results as a “shocking deterioration.” Additionally, HSBC recently downgraded BUD stock, citing deep problems within the company regarding its management.
   HSBC Downgrades Anheuser-Busch Stock over Bud Light Sales ‘Crisis’  2023/05/10 18:10:04 National Review
Anheuser-Busch stock shed over 3 percent by Wednesday afternoon after the HSBC news.
   HSBC downgrades Anheuser-Busch InBev as it deals with a ''Bud Light crisis''  2023/05/10 16:58:26 NBC News
It’s time to step to the sidelines on Anheuser-Busch InBev as it deals with a “Bud Light crisis,” according to HSBC.
   JPMorgan Chase, Anheuser-Busch, Apple: Stocks That Defined the Week  2023/05/05 22:14:00 The Wall Street Journal
Here are seven major companies whose stocks moved on the week’s news.
   Anheuser-Busch cans ‘third-party ad agency’ tied to Dylan Mulvaney fiasco: sources  2023/05/05 18:25:54 New York Post
The company''s global CEO Michel Doukeris this week came out swinging at the "misinformation" being spread about the extent of Bud Light''s relationship with the transgender influencer, who has more than 10 million followers on TikTok.
   In-Depth - SA''s Obesity Problem and the Promise of New Weight Loss Medicines  2023/05/05 14:52:58 All Africa Global Media
[spotlight] Obesity is a complicated public health issue that can be devastating on both the societal and the individual level. On one hand, it costs our economy millions and is a strain on our under-resourced health system. On the other hand, it is a psychological and physical burden to those who are acutely affected - individuals who inevitably face stigma at every turn, with undeserved overlays of blame and shame.
   Anheuser-Busch CEO Blames Bud Light’s Drastic Decline On ‘Misinformation’  2023/05/05 12:56:57 Investment Watch Blog
“Since we are talking about the U.S., let me share some thoughts on the Bud Light situation and put it in the context of our global company,” Doukeris said.
   Deutsche Bank maintains Anheuser Busch Inbev at Hold with a price target of $59.00  2023/05/05 11:46:34 Investing.com
   Altria chances of selling AB InBev stake increasing - analysts  2023/03/07 22:02:59 Seeking Alpha
Altria''s (MO) recent moves to exit its Juul stake and purchase NJOY may mean that the likelihood of selling its stake in Anheuser-Busch InBev (BUD) may be increasing, according…
   Altria''s May Sell Anheuser-Busch Stake After Juul Deal  2023/03/07 19:05:00 Barron''s
Altria Group could use proceeds from the sale of its $11 billion interest in Anheuser-Busch, the top global beer maker, for stock buybacks.
   AB INBEV : Bernstein reaffirms its Buy rating  2023/03/03 14:50:04 Longport
(marketscreener.com) Trevor Stirling from Bernstein retains his positive opinion on the stock with a Buy rating. No major update to the target price set at EUR 71 compared to EUR 69.https://www.marketscreener.com/quote/stock/ANHEUSER-BUSCH-INBEV-SA-N-31571356/news/AB-INBEV-Bernstein-reaffirms-its-Buy-rating-43151157/?
   AB INBEV : Receives a Sell rating from Credit Suisse  2023/03/03 14:47:05 Longport
(marketscreener.com) Credit Suisse analyst reiterate his Sell rating on the stock. The target price remains set at EUR 61.https://www.marketscreener.com/quote/stock/ANHEUSER-BUSCH-INBEV-SA-N-31571356/news/AB-INBEV-Receives-a-Sell-rating-from-Credit-Suisse-43151135/?
   Anheuser-Busch InBev PT Raised to EUR61 at Deutsche Bank  2023/03/03 08:26:04 Investing.com

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