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終値(lastsale) 25.6805
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   2 European nations push back against Chinese plans  2021/03/27 06:57:45 Economic Times India
Two European nations -- one in Western Europe and another in Central Europe -- have pushed back against Chinese plans bringing to focus rising skepticism about Beijing and its ambitions.The University of Groningen in Netherlands has decided not to renew a controversial contract with the Chinese Confucius Institute to part-fund a Chinese language and culture teaching post, according to a report published in DutchNews.nl. "The alarm was raised after NOS broadcaster published details from a contract apparently between the University of Groningen (RUG) and the Confucius Institute Headquarters (Hanban) about a ‘chair’ position for Chinese language and culture teaching. Reports in February had said the academic in the post would be contractually bound not to ‘damage the image of China’. According to the parliamentary briefing from caretaker education minister Ingrid van Engelshoven, the contract did indeed mean that the Chinese organisation could terminate the agreement and stop funding if it judged that there were ‘serious violations of Chinese laws’ and ‘serious damage to China’s image’.
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   Like Emerging Markets? Hate Volatility? Meet the CEZ ETF  2021/03/02 17:00:24 ETF Trends
As emerging markets equities are experiencing a rebirth, investors have avenues for reducing some of the volatility associated with this asset class, including the VictoryShares Emerging Markets Volatility Weighted ETF (NasdaqGM: CEZ). CEZ follows the performance of the Nasdaq Victory Emerging Market 500 Volatility Weighted Index, with a focus on securities weighted by their risk rather […] The post Like Emerging Markets? Hate Volatility? Meet the CEZ ETF appeared first on ETF Trends .
   #CESEEnews | Eurohold gets approval from the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission to acquire the subsidiaries of CEZ Group in Bulgaria  2021/01/19 13:39:45 Business Review
The Energy and Water Regulatory Commission granted approval to Eurohold Bulgaria for the acquisition of the Czech energy company CEZ Group’s subsidiaries in Bulgaria. In this way, Eurohold obtained all the necessary approvals by the Bulgarian authorities to carry out the acquisition. The deal was approved by the Commission for Protection of Competition on […] The post #CESEEnews | Eurohold gets approval from the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission to acquire the subsidiaries of CEZ Group in Bulgaria appeared first on Business Review .
   'Climate pariah': Campaigners urge Blackrock to stregthen coal exclusion policy after counting $85bn of coal investments  2021/01/13 05:00:38 BusinessGreen
Environmental NGOs urge investment giant to expand its coal exclusion policy to include bigger portion of coal value chain, noting that current ban applies to just 17 per cent of coal companies NGOs have accused asset management giant BlackRock of greenwash after publishing findings that suggest the company has $85bn worth of assets invested in coal companies one year on from the firm's high-profile pledge to exit investments in thermal coal. A report published this morning by Reclaim Finance and Urgewald argues the world's largest asset manager continues to play a leading role in supporting the coal sector, despite promises made this time last year by chief executive Larry Fink to put sustainability at the heart of all the investment giant's decisions and to exit investments that "present a high-sustainability risk", such as thermal coal producers. The NGOs have urged BlackRock to fill "gaping holes" in the coal divestment policy introduced last year as part of Fink's pivot towards more sustainable investment, noting that the current ban applies only to the asset manager's actively managed portfolio, not the index funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) that make up two-thirds of the $7.8tr of assets BlackRock has under management.
   State of Emergency Declared in Many Regions of Bulgaria, Heavy Rains Caused Massive Power Outage  2021/01/12 08:29:45 Novinite
More than 100 residential areas in the northwestern regions of Bulgaria were left without power last night owing to the damage caused by the heavy rains. Energy company crews are making repairs and work will continue until power supply is restored. The situation is most severe in western Bulgaria. According to the information of CEZ power distribution company, without power supply this morning are: the municipalities of Bregovo, Kula and Novo Selo in Vidin region; municipalities of Berkovitsa, Varshets and Chiprovtsi in Montana region; in Sofia region without electricity are the municipalities of Godets, Gorna Malina, Dragoman, Kostinbrod, Svoge and Slivnitsa. In Sofia, without electricity were those living in "Zaharna Fabrika". There are also problems with the power supply in Vratsa and Mezdra and the surrounding villages. A state of emergency was declared in the municipalities of Strumiani and Tran. The Bulgaria-Greece gas pipeline was threatened in the region of Strumjani Municipality because of the heavy rains.
   EC clears sale of CEZ assets in Romania to Macquarie  2021/01/05 06:01:58 Romania Insider
   Bulgarian Electricity Company Unveils Details of Historic Power Theft Linked to Illegal Bitcoin Mining  2020/12/16 12:05:45 Bitcoin.com News
One of the largest exporters of electricity in Europe has revealed details of the most significant theft they have had in history, linked to a massive illegal bitcoin mining farm in a small Bulgarian village. Bulgarian Electricity Company Uncovers Massive Electricity Theft Linked to Illegal Bitcoin Mining According to Vesti, CEZ Group and police in […] The post Bulgarian Electricity Company Unveils Details of Historic Power Theft Linked to Illegal Bitcoin Mining appeared first on Bitcoin News .
   Intrarom Successfully Completed a Smart Metering Project for Distributie Energie Oltenia S.A. (DEO) in Romania  2020/09/08 09:37:58 Business Review
Intrarom, the Romanian subsidiary of Intracom Telecom Group, announced the completion of a Smart Metering project for Distributie Energie Oltenia S.A. (DEO), an electricity operator, part of CEZ Group in Romania, with presence in seven counties in the Oltenia region. More specifically, the company supplied, installed and put into operation a subsystem that measures and […] The post Intrarom Successfully Completed a Smart Metering Project for Distributie Energie Oltenia S.A. (DEO) in Romania appeared first on Business Review .
   Bulgaria: Bitcoin Farm in Kyustendil Stole Electricity for BGN 2.5 Million  2020/08/13 13:02:43 Novinite
Two men detained for 24 hours The theft of electricity from the two farms for extraction of cryptocurrency in Kyustendil is worth over BGN 2.5 million. This was announced by Philip Yordanov - Deputy Director of the Operation and Maintenance Directorate of CEZ Distribution for Southwestern Bulgaria, Commissioner Vesko Rangachev - Deputy Director of the Ministry of Interior in Kyustendil and the administrative Head of the District Prosecutor's Office Ivo Iliev at a joint press conference, as reported by the Bulgarian News Agency BTA. Representatives of CEZ and Regional Directorate of MoI established the existence of the so-called cryptocurrency mining farms, fully equipped, in two production facilities in the industrial part of the city. Two people aged 31 and 38 from Sofia were found on site. One of the two men has previous convictions related to payment fraud crimes, said prosecutor Iliev and specified that they were also committed on the territory of Kyustendil. Illegal connection to the electricity distribution network was found at both "farms", which was done extremely professionally, said Philip Yordanov.
   CEZ reportedly talks with major global player for the sale of Romanian assets  2020/08/10 05:06:14 Romania Insider
   CEZ Group implementing long-term teleworking system in Romania  2020/07/31 15:26:02 Stiri pe surse
The CEZ Group is implementing a long-term teleworking system in Romania as more than half of the employees of CEZ companies in Romania have been teleworking since the beginning of the state of emergency, the company announced on Friday. Citește mai departe…
   CEZ signs framework deal with Czech state for new nuclear unit | MarketScreener  2020/07/28 08:28:12 MarketScreener
The Czech government signed agreements with CEZ on Tuesday for a planned multi-billion dollar expansion of the majority state-owned utility's Dukovany nuclear power plant. | July 28, 2020

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