symbol CLW
会社名 Clearwater Paper Corp (CLEARWATER PAPER)
業種 紙製品   原材料・素材(Materials)
概要 クリアウォーター・ペーパー(Clearwater Paper Corporation)は全国の製造施設でコンシューマーティッシュ、商用(AFH)ティッシュ、親ロールティッシュ、漂白板紙およびパルプを製造する。同社は消費者製品事業とパルプ・板紙事業の2つの事業を通じて運営する。消費者製品事業は在宅勤務用ティッシュ製品、AFH製品を製造、販売する。パルプ・板紙事業は包装産業用の漂白板紙を製造・販売する。同社は固体漂白硫酸(SBS)板紙の製造者である。同社は食料品、医薬品、大量販売業者、ディスカウントストアを含む小売業者と卸売業者に自社ブランドのティッシュを提供する。同社はまた、プリンターと包装コンバーターが使用する漂白板紙を生産し、カスタムシート、スリット、カット等のサービスを提供する。  クリアウォ―タ―・ペ―パ―は、米国の製紙メ―カ―。事業は2部門から構成。消費者製品部門では、テッシュペ―パ―、ペ―パ―ナプキン、キッチンペ―パ―などの消費者製品を提供。また、段ボ―ル製品部門では、漂白板紙や硬漂白硫酸板紙を使った産業用段ボ―ルを生産、販売する。  Clearwater Paper Corp. engages in the manufacturing and selling of private label tissue, paperboard, and pulp-based products. It operates through the following segments: Consumer Products, and Pulp & Paperboard. The Consumer Products segment manufactures and sells a complete line of at-home tissue products, or retail products, and away-from-home tissue products, or non-retail products, and parent rolls. The Pulp & Paperboard segment produce and markets solid bleached sulfate paperboard for the high-end segment of the packaging industry as well as offers custom sheeting, slitting, and cutting of paperboard. The company was founded on December 9, 2008 and is headquartered in Spokane, WA.
本社所在地 601 W. Riverside Avenue Suite 1100 Spokane WA 99201 USA
代表者氏名 Alexander Toeldte
代表者役職名 Chairman of the Board
電話番号 +1 509-344-5900
市場名 NYSE(ニューヨーク証券取引所)
従業員数 3130人
EBITDA (百万ドル) 182.10600
時価総額 (百万ドル) 342.35920
売上高 (百万ドル) 1724.21800
企業価値(EV) (百万ドル) 1139.41920
当期純利益 (百万ドル) -144.44300
決算概要 BRIEF: For the fiscal year ended 31 December 2018 Clearwater Paper Corp revenues decreased less than 1% to $1.72B. Net loss before extraordinary items totaled $144.4M vs. income of $27.3M. Revenues reflect Pulp and Paperboard: segment increase of 6% to $839.4M Other Countries segment increase from $8.3M to $75.6M also reflect Consumer Products segment decrease of 6% to $884.8M United States segment remaining flat at $1.65B.



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SPOKANE, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--CLW Q2 2020 earnings results
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SPOKANE, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Clearwater Paper Corporation (NYSE: CLW) today announced that it will host its second quarter 2020 earnings conference call and webcast on Tuesday, August 4, 2020, at 2 p.m. Pacific Daylight Time. Webcast The webcast and presentation slides, which will provide certain outlook information, can be accessed at Clearwater Paper’s website: Replay Information A replay of the webcast will be available until August 5, 2021 at Clearwater Pa
   Clearwater Paper Launches ReMagine™ Paperboard Solution  2020/07/15 20:05:00 Business Wire
SPOKANE, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Clearwater Paper Corporation (NYSE: CLW) today introduced ReMagine™, a folding carton paperboard brand with up to 30 percent post-consumer recycled fiber. Inspired by circular economy principles, ReMagine provides high definition print capability and superior converting performance. The new folding carton brand is now available to the company’s customers. “We are excited to introduce ReMagine to our customers, with a quality standard that we believe stands apart
   Clearwater Paper Announces Joanne P. Shufelt as New Consumer Products Leader  2020/06/15 20:05:00 Business Wire
SPOKANE, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Clearwater Paper Corporation (NYSE: CLW) a premier supplier of quality tissue and bleached paperboard products, today announced a key divisional executive appointment. Joanne P. Shufelt is named senior vice president and general manager of the consumer products division, effective immediately. Ms. Shufelt succeeds Arsen Kitch, who was named president and chief executive officer of the company in April 2020. “Joanne is an outstanding leader and brings more than 3

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