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symbol EBAYL
分野(sector) Miscellaneous   雑工業
産業(industry) Business Services  
概要 事業概要 --     
本社所在地 --
設立年月日 --
市場名 --
ipoyear ―年
従業員数 -
nasdaq_url https://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/ebayl
終値(lastsale) 25.76
時価総額(marketcap) 0
時価総額 時価総額 ―
売上高 売上高 --
企業価値(EV) 企業価値(EV) ー
当期純利益 当期純利益 --
決算概要 決算概要 --



   How Lightspeed's Jeremy Liew became one of the first VCs to grab a piece of Affirm, and a stake now valued at over $2 billion  2021/01/15 00:49:24 Business Insider
Summary List Placement Fintech startup Affirm is soaring in its first week on the public markets. Its first-day pop turned into a two-day surge and as of market close on Thursday, it has a market cap of $27.9 billion. While the spotlight is on its famed founder and CEO, Max Levchin , he's not the only one who is celebrating. Lightspeed partner Jeremy Liew co-led Affirm's Series B round of venture funding in 2014, the first round where traditional VC firms like Lightspeed were offered a piece of the company. (Levchin is so well connected, angel investors funded the company until then, according to Pitchbook information). Back in 2014, the company's "buy now, pay later" lending platform, was still an infant idea. That early bet paid off. Lightspeed owns just under 19 million shares in Affirm, according to its S-1 filing , making its stake worth around $2.15 billion at the close of market trading on Thursday, with shares at $114.94. But the story of how Liew landed the first venture check in Affirm isn't about how a VC went out on a limb to take a daring bet on an unproven founder.
   An eBay seller tells man he wouldn't be happy selling to a scouser  2021/01/14 19:04:14 Liverpool Echo
The eBay seller told Ray that they would be 'unhappy' if they sold their item to a scouser
   Amazon, eBay remove QAnon merchandise from their marketplace after Capitol Hill riot  2021/01/13 14:53:20 USA Today
Amazon and eBay will remove merchandise related to the QAnon conspiracy movement after the riot in Capitol Hill on Jan. 6.
   Police chief answers your covid lockdown questions (including whether you can sell your sofa)  2021/01/13 07:01:00 Swindon Advertiser
Can an eBay buyer pick up a sofa from my garage during lockdown? Can I take my mum to get her covid jab in Bristol?
   Mark Cuban: Crypto ‘Exactly’ Like Dot-Com Bubble — Expects Bitcoin to Survive Bubble Burst, Thrive Like Amazon  2021/01/13 02:31:15 Bitcoin.com News
Billionaire Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban sees cryptocurrency “exactly” like the dot-com bubble. He says bitcoin and a few other cryptocurrencies are analogous to those dot-com stocks, like Amazon and Ebay, that survived the bubble burst and thrived. Mark Cuban Likens Crypto to Dot-Com Bubble Shark Tank star Mark Cuban compared what he feels is […]
   „Black Friday“: Produkt-Wut auf Media Markt und Saturn - jetzt tauchen bizarre Anzeigen auf  2020/11/27 14:28:00 Merkur.de
Bereits vor dem „Black Friday“ war die Wut auf die Elektrofachmärkte Saturn und Media Markt groß. Der Grund: die neue PS5. Dafür gibt es bei Ebay und Co. erschreckende Angebote.
   eBay issues urgent warning to customers trying to buy the PlayStation 5  2020/11/27 14:15:36 Mirror Online
eBay has issued an urgent warning to customers, after it discovered some sellers attempting to sell photos of the PS5, rather than the console itself
   Gamers derail eBay listings to stop scalpers profiting on latest tech  2020/11/27 09:50:00 Sky News
Gamers are sharing tips on how to derail auctions for high-end graphics cards and consoles to try to end scalping - where people buy limited-supply goods to sell on at a profit.
   eBay restocking sold-out Nintendo Switch deal - this is when it goes live  2020/11/27 09:39:56 Mirror Online
eBay's sell out Black Friday deal on the Nintendo Switch is coming back this morning for a final time - but you'll need to be quick
   eBay Black Friday 2020 deals continue with 24% off a Nintendo Switch console  2020/11/27 07:04:30 Mirror Online
Online marketplace eBay has rolled more incredible deals for Black Friday - including discounts on a Nintendo Switch console, iPhone 8 and LEGO Harry Potter Hedwig

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