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会社名 ECA Marcellus Trust I (ECA MARCELLUS TR)
業種 石油_ガス探査_生産   金融(Financials)
概要 ECA Marcellus Trust I (the Trust) is a statutory trust. The Trust is formed by Energy Corporation of America (ECA) to own royalty interests in natural gas properties owned and operated by ECA in the Marcellus Shale formation in Greene County Pennsylvania. The Trust does not conduct any operations or activities. The Trust's purpose is in general to hold the Royalty Interests to distribute to the Trust unitholders cash and to perform certain administrative functions in respect of the Royalty Interests and the Trust units. The Trust owns royalty interests in over 10 Producing Wells (the Producing Wells) and royalty interests in over 50 horizontal natural gas development wells to be drilled to the Marcellus Shale formation (the PUD Wells) within the area of mutual interest (AMI) in which ECA holds approximately 9300 acres of which it owned all of the working interests in Greene County Pennsylvania. It owns Royalty Interests in over 40 development wells that are in production.  ECAマ―セラス・トラストⅠは信託会社。エナジ―・コ―ポレ―ション・オブ・アメリカ(ECA)によって設立され、ペンシルバニア州グリ―ン郡にあるマ―セラス・シェ―ルを生産する14本の水平式天然ガス井同地域の52本の天然ガス開発井の権利を所有する。本社はテキサス州オ―スティン。  
本社所在地 The Bank of New York Mellon Trust Company N.A. Trustee Global Corporate Trust 601 Travis Street 16th Floor Houston TX 77002 USA
代表者氏名 Thomas R. Goodwin
代表者役職名 Chairman of the Board
電話番号 +1 512-236-6555
設立年月日 40238
市場名 NYSE(ニューヨーク証券取引所)
EBITDA (百万ドル) 5.73698
時価総額 (百万ドル) 31.70660
売上高 (百万ドル) 6.88659
企業価値(EV) (百万ドル) 31.34694
当期純利益 (百万ドル) 5.52809
決算概要 BRIEF: For the fiscal year ended 31 December 2018 Eca Marcellus Trust I revenues remained flat at $6.9M. Net income decreased 4% to $5.5M. also reflect Natural Gas Production Total decrease of 13% to 3.15B cubic feet. Net income was partially offset by General and administrative expense remaining flat at $1.1M (expense). Dividend per share decreased from $0.33 to $0.27.


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