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symbol FUND
分野(sector) Consumer Services   消費者サービス
産業(industry) Miscellaneous  
業種 クロ―ズドエンド型投資信託  
概要 事業概要 Sprott Focus Trust Inc is a Canada-based diversified alternative asset manager in precious metal and real asset investments. Through its subsidiaries in Canada the United States(US) and Asia the Company is dedicated to providing investors with investment strategies that include exchange listed products alternative asset management and private resource Investments. The Corporation also operates merchant banking and brokerage businesses in both Canada and the US. The Company's investment products include physical bullion trusts mining exchange traded funds ( ETFs) private equity and debt strategies. Through its merchant banking and resource lending activities the Company partners with natural resource companies.     Sprott Focus Trust, Inc. is a closed-end diversified management investment company whose shares of Common Stock are listed and traded on the Nasdaq Global Select Market. The Fund’s investment goal is long-term capital growth, which it seeks by normally investing at least 65% of its assets in equity securities.
本社所在地 --
代表者氏名 Thomas Ulrich トーマスウルリッヒ
代表者役職名 President Chief Compliance Officer Secretary
電話番号 +1 416-943-4065
設立年月日 --
市場名 --
ipoyear ―年
従業員数 -
EBITDA EBITDA(百万ドル) 2.35256
終値(lastsale) 7.09
時価総額(marketcap) 184514676.33
時価総額 時価総額(百万ドル) 179.83020
売上高 売上高(百万ドル) 4.90382
企業価値(EV) 企業価値(EV)(百万ドル) 212.47077
当期純利益 当期純利益(百万ドル) 35.53671
決算概要 決算概要 BRIEF: For the fiscal year ended 31 December 2017 Sprott Focus Trust Inc revenues decreased 9% to $4.9M. Net income decreased 9% to $35.5M. Revenues reflect Securities lending decrease of 55% to $641K. Net income also reflects Net change in unrealised Investments decrease of 26% to $20.1M (income) Stockholders reports increase from $25K to $61K (expense) Expense reimbursement decrease of 15% to $126K (income). Dividend per share increased from $0.40 to $0.52.



   7 Great ETFs to Buy Now for Momentum in Q2  2022/06/10 14:57:48 InvestorPlace
Today, we introduce seven ETFs to buy in June. Wall Street has seen rocky days so far in 2022. Benchmark indices, the S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average , and Nasdaq 100 , declined over 13%, 9% and 22% year-to-date (YTD). As the year unfolds, concerns about 40-year high inflation, ongoing geopolitical tensions, monetary tightening, and a potential recession continue to stalk the markets. Yet, a handful of sectors could still offer the potential for gains in the second quarter. For example, commodity and energy stocks, which led the markets in first quarter, may still seem attractive. In addition, metal and mining stocks, and the exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that give exposure to them, would stand to benefit from higher metal prices and increasing global demand. Meanwhile, a few defensive sectors, such as health care, utilities or consumer staples, could deserve further research. Finally, for contrarian readers, sectors that have seen significant declines, especially technology shares, could offer opportune entry points. 7 of the Hottest ETFs to Buy Right Now With that said, here are seven ETFs to buy now for positive momentum in the summer months: YPS Arrow Reverse Cap 500 ETF $21.27 BITQ Bitwise Crypto Industry Innovators ETF $7.38 FMET Fidelity Metaverse ETF $23.10 QQMG Invesco ESG NASDAQ 100 ETF $19.35 DVY iShares Select Dividend ETF $123.46 XSD SPDR S&P Semiconductors $169.84 VHT Vanguard Health Care Index Fund ETF $229.76 ETFs to Buy: Arrow Reverse Cap 500 ETF (YPS) Source: Shutterstock 52-week range: $20.71 – $24.89 Dividend yield : 1.09% Expense ratio: 0.29% per year Most readers know that the S&P 500 is a free-float market-capitalization (cap) weighted index.
   OFS Capital Corporation – Consensus Indicates Potential -14.1% Downside  2022/06/10 13:12:49 DirectorsTalk
OFS Capital Corporation with ticker code (OFS) now have 3 analysts covering the stock. The analyst consensus points to a rating of ''Buy''. The target price ranges between 13 and 7 calculating the average target price we see 10.83. Given that the stocks previous close was at 12.61 this would indicate that there is a downside of -14.1%. The 50 day MA is 12.39 while the 200 day moving average is 11.17. The company has a market cap of $168m. You can visit the company''s website by visiting: [stock_market_widget type="chart" template="basic" color="green" assets="OFS" range="6mo" interval="1d" axes="true" cursor="true" api="yf"] The potential market cap would be $144m based on the market concensus. OFS Capital Corporation is a business development company specializing in direct and fund investments as well as add-on acquisitions. It provides flexible capital solutions primarily through debt capital and to a lesser extent, minority equity investments serving the needs of U.S.-based middle-market companies across a broad array of industries.
   MainStay MacKay DefinedTerm Municipal Opportunities Fund Announces Amendment to the Declaration of Trust  2022/06/10 12:30:00 Benzinga
NEW YORK , June 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- The Board of Trustees of MainStay MacKay DefinedTerm Municipal Opportunities Fund (NYSE: MMD ) has approved an amendment to the Fund''s declaration of trust (the "Amendment") that will allow the Fund to conduct a tender offer to purchase all common shares of the Fund at a price equal to the Fund''s net asset value ("NAV") per common share calculated in accordance with the Fund''s valuation procedures, with the expiration date of the tender offer being as of a date within twelve months preceding December 31, 2024 (an "Eligible Tender Offer"). Currently, the Fund''s scheduled termination date (the "Termination Date") is December 31, 2024 . Subject to the terms outlined below, if the Tender Offer occurs and significant assets remain in the Fund following the Tender Offer, the Fund may determine to further amend the Declaration of Trust to continue as a perpetual closed-end fund. If an Eligible Tender Offer is conducted and the number of tendered shares would result in the Fund''s net assets totaling less than $200 million (the "Termination Threshold"), the Eligible Tender Offer would be canceled, and no common shares would be repurchased pursuant to the Eligible Tender Offer.
   5 Cash-Cow Stocks to Buy for a Turbulent Market  2022/06/10 12:01:26 InvestorPlace
In times of rising economic uncertainty, cash is king. Therefore, today’s article focuses on cash-cow stocks and exchange-traded funds (ETFs) that invest in such shares. Businesses require cash to meet their obligations in good times and bad. Thus, free cash flow (FCF) offers a good gauge to measure a company’s ability to navigate headwinds, such as geopolitical tensions, trade wars and recessions. Analysts pay significant attention to companies with a high FCF, or cash-cow stocks. Those firms generate steady cash flows to grow their operations, which in turn may translate into reliable returns for shareholders. Such companies can increase their dividend payments or repurchase their own shares as well. In addition, they can decide to pay off debt. Research by FTSE Russell highlights , “The top 100 highest yielding free cash flow companies in the US large-cap Russell 1000 Index outperformed the broad index by nearly 13% in periods of rising rates and by nearly 3% in periods of falling rates between Dec. 31, 1991, and Sept. 28, 2018.” 7 of the Hottest ETFs to Buy Right Now Therefore, potential investors may want to pay close attention to companies that generate significant levels of cash.
   Roku Stock Shouldn’t Entice Despite Its Current Price  2022/06/10 11:30:20 InvestorPlace
Roku (NASDAQ: ROKU ) stock remains far off of pandemic highs during which it soared to prices that approached the $500 mark. Today it trades under $95, setting up a buy-the-dip opportunity in the eyes of many. I hesitate to see the logic in taking that bet for the most part. For long-term investors patient enough to wait years, the bullish case is sound. For others looking for a quick buck, the logic looks flawed. Ticker Company Current Price ROKU Roku, Inc. $92.37 Eschew Wood’s Moves With Roku Stock The fact that Cathie Wood recently made Roku stock the flagship holding in her ARK Innovation ETF (NYSEARCA: ARKK ) had predictable effects. It bolstered the confidence of investors who might have otherwise been hesitant to purchase shares. The move was noteworthy for the fact that Roku briefly usurped Tesla’s (NASDAQ: TSLA ) position as the largest holding in her ARK Innovation ETF. In other words, if her firm, as a growth-oriented venture, is confident in Roku then all growth investors ought to be. 7 of the Hottest ETFs to Buy Right Now That logic is reasonable enough.
   The Significance Of Saudi Arabias New Venture Capital Fund  2022/02/02 20:00:00 OilPrice com
While the worlds media is focused on either Ukraine or OPEC+ developments, Saudi Arabia is quietly but aggressively pursuing Vision 2030. During one of the worlds largest technology conferences LEAP, which is held in Riyadh, Aramco unveiled the launch of a US$1-1.4 billion venture capital fund, Prosperity7Ventures. The new fund, which was introduced by Aramco Chief Technology Officer Ahmad Al-Khowaite, will focus on the development of next-generation technologies and business models. Officially, the main function of the new fund,
   Stock Wars: Axsome Therapeutics Vs. Global Blood Therapeutics  2022/02/02 17:27:07 Benzinga
Benzingas weekly Stock Wars matches up two leaders in a major industry sector with the goal of determining which company is the better investment. This week, in tribute to Black History Month, the duel is between a pair of Black-owned companies in the biopharmaceutical sector : Axsome Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: AXSM ) and Global Blood Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ: GBT ). The Case For Axsome Therapeutics: This New York City-based company was founded in 2012 by the Haitian-born Dr. Herriot Tabuteau , who has served as its chairman and CEO since the company began. Tabuteau has a Bachelor of Arts in molecular biology and biochemistry from Wesleyan University and an M.D. from Yale University School of Medicine. He previously worked as an analyst for Goldman Sachs (NYSE: GS ), where he specialized in healthcare analysis, and for HealthCor , a fund focused on healthcare and life sciences. Dr. Herriot Tabuteau Axsome Therapeutics, which has been publicly-traded since 2015, focuses on treating disorders impacting the central nervous system including depression, chronic pain, narcolepsy, fibromyalgia and Alzheimer''s disease.
   ESG Investing - The Great Wall Street Money Heist  2022/02/01 17:45:02 Zero Hedge
ESG Investing - The Great Wall Street Money Heist Authored by Lance Roberts via The Epoch Times, Wall Street is once again in the midst of a money heist from naive investors. This time in the form of woke activism called ESG. ESG refers to the Environmental, Social, and Governance risk theoretically embedded in a business. However, while ESG investing is about taking these risks into account in investment decisions, these are all the things NOT on a companys balance sheet or earnings statements. Such is the inherent problem. However, as is also the case, with the recent surge in liberal policies, woke activism, and demand for social justice, Wall Street is more than willing to sell products to fill a need. Not surprisingly, with plenty of media coverage, ESG investing has become an enormous business. Following the financial crisis, ESG funds had roughly a ZERO market share of total assets under management. Today, ESG-labelled funds in the United States exceed $16 trillion. The question is whether investors are getting what they are paying for?
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Weitz Investment Management warned investors to prepare for an adventure in 2022. The fund also spotlighted the ability of Visa (V) and Mastercard (MA) to fend off fintech competition.
   The business of finding a better job, with Career Karma CEO Ruben Harris  2022/02/01 15:25:00 The Verge
Photo Illustration by Grayson Blackmon / The Verge Turning the ‘Great Resignation’ into good business It’s an interesting time to talk to someone in the business of helping people get new jobs — we’re still fully in the middle of the pandemic-driven Great Resignation, and a record 4.5 million people quit their jobs in November 2021 , and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. But that’s exactly what Career Karma and CEO Ruben Harris are doing. Career Karma helps job-seekers identify potential new career paths, then matches them with coding boot camps and other training programs to help them on their way. Ruben and his team just raised $40 million in Series B funding for a total of $52 million, and it’s launching a live audio feature for job seekers to connect and talk about their career paths. So, of course, I wanted to talk to Ruben about what they plan to do with that infusion of cash and how exactly they plan to grow — and to talk about how Career Karma makes money, what he’s learned from his community about the future of the job market, and if he thinks the traditional 9 to 5 might be on the way out.
   Cathie Wood''s flagship ARK fund shows dot-com bubble traits and may be luring investors into a ''bull trap,'' JPMorgan strategist says  2021/07/19 10:27:29 Business Insider Markets
Summary List Placement Cathie Wood''s ARK Innovation ETF is demonstrating bubble-like traits similar to those seen during the excessive speculation of internet-related companies in the late 1990s, and could be luring investors into a "bull trap," according to JPMorgan strategist Shawn Quigg. In a note dated July 15, Quigg wrote that a second-half pick-up in Treasury yields and a shift in the growth dynamic of the economy could trigger a bull-trap reversal of shares in the exchange-traded fund. "A looming rise in yields could be a catalyst to accelerate ARKK shares lower, in addition to the continued outperformance of large staple-tech stocks over disruptive-tech stocks, and pressing ARKK into the capitulation phase," he wrote. Investors should consider betting against the fund with options, he said. He recommended investors buy ARKK October $105 strike puts, or the price 11% below last Wednesday''s closing, to take advantage of implied volatility that is near a yearly low "despite the potential for shares to enter a broader capitulation phase." The 10-year Treasury yield is down 27% from its peak in March to about 1.26% as of Monday.
   North Dakota oil tax savings account earnings beat forecast politics  2021/07/19 04:22:50 St. Louis Post-Dispatch
BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) North Dakotas trust fund for oil taxes is realizing hefty earnings due to a rebounding economy and better-than-expected stock investments, officials said Tuesday.
   "World''s Most Bearish Hedge Fund" Goes Short Tech  2021/07/19 02:30:11 Zero Hedge
"World''s Most Bearish Hedge Fund" Goes Short Tech The world''s financial graveyards are covered with the career tombstones of those who, over the past decade, have called the end to a tech bubble that not only has yet to pop but has culminated with just 5 tech names - the FAAMGs - comprising 23% of the S&P''s market cap vastly surpassing the lofty dot com days, with a combined valuation of over $7 trillion. Among those who were steamrolled by the tech juggernaut is Ned David Research, traditionally known for its accurate market timing calls if certainly not this time: two months ago it slapped a sell reco on tech right before it ripped the bears'' faces off and embarked on a 14% rally. And then, just as the FAAMGs fell out of bed late last week, the firms strategists pulled a Gartman, and abandoned their underweight stance, expecting that the rotation out of reflation and into growth, coupled with a plunge in yields, will lead to more tech buying when we may well be facing the first market rout since March considering last week''s coordinate selloff. The rapidly evolving COVID landscape, coupled with the Feds more hawkish tone at the June FOMC meeting have gone against cyclical Value sectors that tend to be positively correlated to interest rates and the yield curve, said Ned Davis strategist Rob Anderson. The progression of the virus will likely influence whether Growth or Value sectors gain the upper hand in the second half. After trailing small-cap stocks which were the biggest beneficiaries of economic reopening, the Russell 100 Index erased its underperformance last Wednesday.
   Wall Street Watchdog Keeps Bitcoin ETFs on Ice  2021/07/18 14:08:20 Techtelegraph
For eight years, asset managers have tried to launch bitcoin exchange-traded funds, but success seems no closer now than it did in 2013. The Securities and Exchange Commission said this month it would seek public comment on WisdomTrees proposal to launch a bitcoin ETF, focusing on whether the fund would be safe for investors. The [] The post Wall Street Watchdog Keeps Bitcoin ETFs on Ice appeared first on TECHTELEGRAPH .
   Meet the 9 unicorn startups minted in France in 2021, as companies raise a record $6.6 billion this year  2021/07/18 13:01:00 Business Insider
Summary List Placement French tech is booming. Like much of Europe and the US, France has benefited from an uptick in venture capital investment, helping it to a record year in 2021 so far. The higher amount of capital has, in turn, bolstered valuations and France has minted nine new unicorns in 2021. Overall, France attracts lower amounts of venture capital than other markets in Europe, such as the UK. But Dealroom data indicates that growth in the number of startups valued above $1 billion is outpacing the UK, the US, China, and Israel. And as seen in this chart, French tech startups have raised $6.6 billion so far this year, eclipsing the $5.2 billion invested in 2020. It''s also attracting substantially more megarounds. "There is a new cohort of founders with clear, aggressive, and global ambition and their ambition is finally fueled with a much richer and diverse pool of capital, supported by local and international top tier investors ready to foster their ambitious with a much less risk-averse mindset," said Antoine Nussenbaum, partner and cofounder at London-based Felix Capital.

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