symbol KODK
会社名 Eastman Kodak Co. (EASTMAN KODAK CO)
業種 家庭用電気製品   一般消費財(Consumer Products)
概要 イーストマン・コダック(Eastman Kodak Company)は材料科学、デジタルイメージングの科学とソフトウェア、並びに堆積プロセスの技術を持つグローバルな商業印刷とイメージング会社である。同社はグラフィックアート、商業印刷、出版、包装、電子ディスプレイ、エンターテインメント、商業映画及び消費者製品市場などの顧客向けに、ハードウェア、ソフトウェア、消耗品及びサービスを提供する。同社は印刷システム、マイクロ3D印刷とパッケージング、ソフトウェアとソリューション、消費者と映画、企業インクジェットシステム、先端材料と3Dプリント技術、イーストマンビジネスパークの7つの部門で事業を展開する。印刷システム部門はプリプレスソリューションと電子写真印刷ソリューションの2つのビジネスラインから構成される。マイクロ3D印刷とパッケージング部門はパッケージングとマイクロ3D印刷を行う。  イ―ストマン・コダックは米国の写真用品メ―カ―。一般消費者用と商業用の写真用フィルムとデジタル画像製品を展開。主要製品はデジタルカメラ、家庭用・インクジェット印刷機、デジタル画像サ―ビス、イメ―ジセンサ―、写真フィルム、使い捨てカメラ、プリプレス機器、カラ―・白黒電子写真方式印刷機、印刷機消耗品、書類スキャナ―、顕微鏡写真フィルムなど。  Kodak is a global technology company focused on print and advanced materials & chemicals. Kodak provides industry-leading hardware, software, consumables and services primarily to customers in commercial print, packaging, publishing, manufacturing and entertainment. Kodak is committed to environmental stewardship and ongoing leadership in developing sustainable solutions. Kodak's broad portfolio of superior products, responsive support and world-class R&D make Kodak solutions a smart investment for customers looking to improve their profitability and drive growth.
本社所在地 343 State Street Rochester NY 14650 USA
代表者氏名 James V. Continenza
代表者役職名 Executive Chairman of the Board
電話番号 +1 716-724-4000
設立年月日 1880年9月
市場名 NYSE(ニューヨーク証券取引所)
従業員数 5400人
url www.kodak.com
EBITDA (百万ドル) -28.00000
時価総額 (百万ドル) 121.18740
売上高 (百万ドル) 1325.00000
企業価値(EV) (百万ドル) 276.18740
当期純利益 (百万ドル) -29.00000
決算概要 BRIEF: For the fiscal year ended 31 December 2018 Eastman Kodak Company revenues decreased 4% to $1.33B. Net loss applicable to common stockholders excluding extraordinary items totaled $29M vs. income of $81M. Revenues reflect Print systems segment decrease of 5% to $895M Consumer and Film segment decrease of 5% to $189M Canada and Latin America segment decrease of 53% to $62M Europe Middle East and Africa segment decrease of 12% to $465M.



   Eastman Kodak Company Second-Quarter 2022 Earnings Conference Call  2022/08/02 13:55:00 Business Wire
Eastman Kodak Company Second-Quarter 2022 Earnings Conference Call
   Eastman Kodak (KODK) Stock Revs Up on EV Battery Bet  2022/07/13 19:13:33 InvestorPlace
Source: Katherine Welles / Shutterstock.com Eastman Kodak (NYSE: KODK ) stock is in focus again today. Amid an otherwise declining market, shares are eking out a 2% gain. This move comes on news that Kodak has taken a minority stake in Wildcat Delivery Technologies . Wildcat is focused on developing a breakthrough electric vehicle (EV) “super cell” battery. The specific “super cell” technology that Wildcat is working on is actually quite intriguing. The company is designing a battery that will provide 90% more energy density over comparable batteries. Over the long term, the hope is this technology will help accelerate EV adoption. Further, Kodak’s investment in this battery technology company appears to align with other, similar investments. The company’s focus on designing high-quality printers and other tech has allowed it to carve out a unique niche in its industry. Expanding this business model to align with other high-growth sectors appears to be good business. Let’s dive into whether KODK stock may be worth a speculative look at current levels.
   Kodak stock gains 1% in down market after taking stake EV battery ''super cell'' maker  2022/07/13 13:58:18 MarketWatch
Shares of Eastman Kodak Co. climbed 1.0% in morning trading Wednesday, to buck the selloff in the broader stock market, after the commercial print and advanced materials company said it took a minority stake in a maker of components for batteries used for electric vehicles. Financial terms were not disclosed, but Kodak said it took the stake in Wildcat Discovery Technologies, which is developing an EV "super cell" that can provide greater than 90% improvement in energy density over current batteries. Kodak said the investment it made comes with the goal of having Wildcat''s "super cell" ready for commercialization in two years. "This investment in Wildcat reflects Kodak''s commitment to building new businesses by leveraging our existing skills and infrastructure," said Kodak Chief Executive Jim Continenza. "Coating substrates is a critical aspect of manufacturing batteries and no one is better at coating than Kodak." Kodak''s stock has gained 7.3% year to date. The S&P 500 , which was down 1.0% early Wednesday, has dropped 20.7% this year.
   Kodak stock gains 1% in down market after taking stake EV battery ''super cell'' maker  2022/07/13 13:58:17 MarketWatch
Shares of Eastman Kodak Co. undefined climbed 1.0% in morning trading Wednesday, to buck the selloff in the broader stock market, after the commercial print…
   Kodak invests in Wildcat Discovery Technologies developing EV “super cell” battery  2022/07/13 13:24:44 Seeking Alpha
Eastman Kodak (KODK) has acquired a minority stake in Wildcat Discovery Technologies, a technology company that uses proprietary high-throughput methods to rapidly develop new…
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Eastman Kodak was, as we know, subject to a certain amount of political speculation over a loan, etc.
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Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE:KODK) price on Thursday, May 26, rose 5.04% above its previous day’s close as an upside momentum from buyers pushed the stock’s value to $4.38. A look at the stock’s price movement, the close in the last trading session was $4.17, moving within a range at $4.17 and $4.47. The beta value … Honey At Eastman Kodak Company (KODK) Is Worth Your Money Read More »
   Why Eastman Kodak is Likely Manipulating Its Earnings  2022/05/13 20:06:13 TipRanks
Eastman Kodak (KODK) provides analog and digital innovations. It operates through the following segments: Print Systems; Enterprise Inkjet Systems; Flexographic Packaging; Software and Solutions; Consumer and Film; Advanced Materials and 3D Printing Technology; Eastman Business Park, and All Other. We are neutral on the stock due to its terrible fundamentals. Eastman Kodak Lacks a Competitive Advantage There are a couple of ways to quantify a company''s competitive advantage using only its income statement. The first method involves calculating a company''s earnings power value (EPV).
   Why Eastman Kodak Stock Dropped 22.3% Wednesday  2022/05/11 18:53:38 The Motley Fool
An unpleasant earnings surprise sent its stock lower.
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The following slide deck was published by Eastman Kodak Company in conjunction with their 2022 Q1 earnings call.
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Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE:KODK) price closed lower on Monday, April 11, dropping -2.99% below its previous close. >> 5 Best Growth Stocks for 2022 << >> 5 Best Growth Stocks for 2022 << A look at the daily price movement shows that the last close reads $6.36, with intraday deals fluctuated between $6.12 and $6.36. … Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE: KODK) Falls -2.99% In Recent Session, What Are The Points You Absolutely Need To Consider? Read More »
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Eastman Kodak (KODK) Looks Like a Compelling Value Play to Real Money''s James "Rev Shark" DePorre…KODK
   Looking Into Eastman Kodak Companynew''s Recent Short Interest  2022/03/29 13:05:15 Benzinga
Eastman Kodak Companynew''s (NYSE: KODK ) short percent of float has fallen 4.27% since its last report. The company recently reported that it has 6.46 million shares sold short , which is 11.66% of all regular shares that are available for trading. Based on its trading volume, it would take traders 4.7 days to cover their short positions on average. Why Short Interest Matters Short interest is the number of shares that have been sold short but have not yet been covered or closed out. Short selling is when a trader sells shares of a company they do not own, with the hope that the price will fall. Traders make money from short selling if the price of … Full story available on Benzinga.com
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Eastman Kodak Co (NYSE: KODK ) is trading higher in … Full story available on Benzinga.com
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Although US stock futures traded lower on Wednesday, there were a few notable insider trades. When insiders purchase shares, it indicates their confidence in the company''s prospects or that they view the stock as a bargain. Either way, this signals an opportunity to go long on the stock. Insider purchases should not be taken as the only indicator for making an investment or trading decision. At best, it can lend conviction to a buying decision. Below is a look at a few recent notable insider purchases. For more, check out Benzinga''s insider transactions platform. Eastman Kodak Company The Trade: Eastman Kodak Company (NYSE: KODK ) Director David Chene acquired a total of 2,684,872 shares at an average price of $5.77. To acquire these shares, it cost around $15.48 million. What’s Happening: … Full story available on Benzinga.com

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