PBSK - ポ―ジ・バンクシェア―ズ (Poage Bankshares Inc.) ポ―ジ・バンクシェア―ズ



symbol PBSK
会社名 Poage Bankshares Inc (ポ―ジ・バンクシェア―ズ)
分野(sector) Finance   金融
産業(industry) Savings Institutions  
業種 銀行   金融(Financials)
概要 事業概要 Poage Bankshares Inc. is a holding company for Town Square Bank (Town Square). Town Square is a federal savings association. The Company operates in banking segment. Town Square's business consists of accepting savings accounts checking accounts and certificates of deposits from the general public and investing those deposits together with funds generated from operations and borrowings primarily in first lien one-to-four-family mortgage loans commercial and multi-family real estate loans commercial and industrial loans consumer loans consisting primarily of automobile loans and home equity loans and lines of credit and construction loans. Town Square purchases investment securities consisting of mortgage-backed securities issued by the United States Government agencies and government-sponsored enterprises and obligations of state and political subdivisions. Town Square provides financial services to individuals families and businesses through its banking offices.   ポ―ジ・バンクシェア―ズは、米国の持株会社。子会社ホ―ム・フェデラル・セ―ビングス・アンド・ロ―ン・アソシエ―ションを通し、預金を受け入れ、住宅ロ―ン、不動産ロ―ン、建設ロ―ン、自動車ロ―ン、ホ―ム・エクイティロ―ン、クレジットライン、消費者ロ―ンなどを提供する。本社はケンタ―ッキ―州アシュランド。   
本社所在地 1500 Carter Avenue Ashland KY 41101 USA
代表者氏名 Thomas Burnette トーマスバーネット
代表者役職名 Chairman of the Board 取締役会会長
電話番号 +1 606-324-7196
市場名 NASDAQ Small Cap
ipoyear 2011年
従業員数 109人
url www.hfsl.com
nasdaq_url https://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/pbsk
EBITDA EBITDA(百万ドル) -1.25200
終値(lastsale) 25.17
時価総額(marketcap) 88025606.31
時価総額 時価総額(百万ドル) 85.22746
売上高 売上高(百万ドル) 18.77400
企業価値(EV) 企業価値(EV)(百万ドル) 61.74846
当期純利益 当期純利益(百万ドル) -1.59500
決算概要 決算概要 BRIEF: For the six months ended 30 June 2018 Poage Bankshares Inc interest income decreased 2% to $9.3M. Net interest income after loan loss provision decreased 11% to $6.6M. Net income applicable to common stockholders increased 13% to $930K. Net interest income after loan loss provision reflects Net Interest Margin Total - % decrease of 4% to 3.64% Net Interest Spread Total - % decrease of 5% to 3.42% Loans including fees decrease of 4% to $8.2M.


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