INTC - インテル (Intel Corporation)


   Buy the Dip in Intel Stock Before Is Rebounds to $60  2020/08/31 20:56:50 InvestorPlace
As the 400-pound gorilla in the semiconductor industry, Intel will bounce back from today's troubles, and Intel stock will rebound to $60.
   Intel News: INTC Stock Pops 2% on Tiger Lake Chips Leak  2020/08/31 18:33:04 InvestorPlace
Intel (INTC) news for Monday concerning leaked data from its upcoming Tiger Lake chips for laptops have INTC stock heading higher,
   Russia now also to blame for US protests & Covid-19 disinformation – latest conspiracy from former intel head turned CNN analyst  2020/08/31 17:04:38 Russia Today
Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper went on CNN to accuse Russia of interfering in US affairs including the Covid-19 pandemic, Portland and Kenosha protests, and election meddling while giving no real evidence. Read Full Article at
   Intel Vs. TSMC: Process Technology Leadership Is More Than Transistor Density (NASDAQ:INTC)  2020/08/31 16:27:42 Seeking Alpha
Semiconductor process technologies from TSMC, Samsung, and Intel are often compared based on their density: transistors per mm2.
   This might be the first MacBook powered by the same chip tech as the iPhone 12  2020/08/31 11:31:20 BGR
The first MacBook powered by an Apple Silicon chip is coming later this year, a new report says, without providing release date or pricing details. The 2020 12-inch MacBook will feature a variation of the iPhone 12 chip, as well as a custom Apple-made graphics processing unit. The laptop will weigh just two pounds and will feature a Retina Display and a battery that lasts 15 to 20 hours. We’ve been telling you for a few years now that the newest iPhones and iPads feature A-series chips so fast that they beat most of their rivals that power laptops and desktop. And rumors kept saying at the time that Apple was indeed working on laptops and desktops that would incorporate A-series chips instead of Intel. Some of those rumors said Apple’s ARM MacBook project might be ready by 2020, and Apple delivered. At WWDC 2020, Apple announced plans to replace Intel with Apple Silicon chips on future Macs, saying the first such devices will debut this year. Fast forward to late August, and we have an idea of what the first ARM-powered MacBook might be.
   Top Stories: iPhone 12 Rumors, Apple's A12Z-Based Mac mini, Leaked iMac, and More!  2020/07/04 13:00:14 Mac Rumors
With WWDC now behind us, our attention this week largely turned back to rumors, led by increasing claims that Apple controversially won't be including a power adapter in the box with the iPhone 12. We also saw a few other iPhone 12 rumors, signs of an upcoming iMac update, and some more information on timing of updates for Apple's smaller iPads. The other big topic this week was Apple's Developer Transition Kit, a Mac mini equipped with the A12Z Bionic chip from the iPad Pro. App developers have been signing up for the kits to help them transition their apps to Apple Silicon for future Macs, and we got our first look at how these machines perform even though they will be widely outclassed by the machines that eventually ship to consumers. Read on below for details on these stories and more! iPhone 12 Models Reportedly Won't Include Charger in Box, 20W Power Adapter Will Be Sold Separately Following a similar report last week , reliable analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has also weighed in to claim that Apple is not planning to include a power adapter in the box with its iPhone 12 models launching later this year.
   Rupee’s rally leaves traders gauging RBI’s forex strategy  2020/07/04 05:34:18 Economic Times India
By Subhadip SircarIndia’s rupee hit a three-month high after breaking out of a tight trading band, boosted by strong inflows and expectations that the central bank may be slowing its purchases of dollars.The rupee rose as much as 0.6% to 74.5562 per dollar, its highest since March 27, before closing up 0.5%. The currency has strengthened 1.3% this week in Asia’s best performance.The currency rallied 0.8% on Thursday, with traders attributing the strength to inflows from Reliance Industries Ltd.’s stake sales in its digital unit and the Reserve Bank of India stepping away from buying dollars. The prospect of a rare current-account surplus following robust foreign flows and low oil prices has burnished the rupee’s outlook, which was the region’s biggest decliner in the first six months of 2020.“India’s balance of payments surplus is one of the strongest in recent years, and we see that continuing to support the INR,” said Divya Devesh, head of Asean and South Asia FX research at Standard Chartered Plc in Singapore. “While the central bank is likely to continue with its reserves building, historically, they have not targeted specific levels.” 76781760Overseas funds piled $4.2 billion into Indian stocks in the June quarter, the highest in Asia.
   Intel will speed up Mukesh Ambani’s 5G run, power him with AI and possibly a Jio laptop⁠— all in return for massive amount of data  2020/07/04 03:38:00 Business Insider India
Intel Capital has invested ₹1894.5 crore ($253.5 million) in Mukesh Ambani’s Jio Platforms for a 0.39% stake. Most of Intel Capital’s investments in the past
   Intel to invest $253.4mn in Reliance Jio for 0.39% stake  2020/07/04 02:41:46 Hindustan Times
“Intel Capital has an outstanding record of being a valuable partner for leading technology companies globally. We are, therefore, excited to work together with Intel to advance India’s capabilities in cutting-edge technologies that will empower all sectors of our economy,” said Mukesh Ambani, chairman and managing director, Reliance Industries Ltd.
   Week in review: Chinese tech lifelines being cut?  2020/07/03 23:00:10 South China Morning Post
Tech companies remain tight-lipped about plans following India’s ban of 59 Chinese apps, foreign firms look to move manufacturing out of China and Intel resumes supplies to server giant Inspur after a brief interlude.
   Apple Breakfast: Apple to ditch Intel at WWDC  2020/06/13 03:01:00 Macworld UK
Evidence mounts for an imminent iMac launch and a customer sues for a trillion dollars: all the Apple news you missed this week, in a handy bite-sized roundup
   Why Key Intel Chip Design Exec's Departure Is Positive For AMD, Nvidia  2020/06/12 16:58:32 Benzinga Feeds
Chipmakers are running a close race as they strive to capitalize on the tech opportunity created by the coronavirus pandemic. Against this backdrop, Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC ) announced a key executive departure, and the development is seen as a positive for rivals such as Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMD ) and NVIDIA Corporation (NASDAQ: NVDA ). What Happened: Intel announced Thursday that Jim Keller, who served as senior vice president in the Technology, Systems Architecture and Client Group and general manager of the Silicon Engineering Group resigned effective June 11, citing personal reasons. The chip designer had previously worked with AMD, Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL ) and Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA ), according to his bio on Intel's website. At … Full story available on
   Apple's Path to Arm-Based Macs Could Start With a New 12-Inch MacBook  2020/06/12 16:18:05 Mac Rumors
Fudge, a leaker who goes by @choco_bit on Twitter, often shares details on upcoming Apple products. With Apple's Arm-based Macs that use custom-made chips on the horizon , Fudge today shared some of his thoughts on how, why, and when Apple will roll out Arm-based Macs, including some speculation on how apps, Boot Camp, and other features might be impacted. Apple has been following a multi-step approach to the rollout of Arm-based Macs, which began in 2016 with the inclusion of the T1 coprocessor in the MacBook Pro , which was later updated to the T2 coprocessor. These chips, which are Arm-based and Apple-designed, manage important security and controller functions and have served as important steps in the transition to a machine fully powered by Arm chips. Unification between iOS and macOS is also something that Apple has been working towards with its Mac Catalyst project. Apple isn't merging iOS and macOS, but it is aiming for a system that will allow developers to create a single app that will work on all platforms, and its own custom Arm-based chips will further facilitate that goal.
   Apple ARM chips: WWDC's big hardware announcement  2020/06/12 15:43:00 ComputerWorld
After 15 years of Intel processors, Apple is expected to announce its transition to its own ARM chips at WWDC 2020. These new chips will power future generations of MacBooks and iMacs, and allow Apple to deliver more power-efficient Macs with sharper graphic and faster speeds. Macworld's Michael Simon and Computerworld executive editor Ken Mingis join Juliet to discuss why Apple is ditching Intel, when you can buy ARM-powered Macs and what to expect out of the new machines. Check back next week for our WWDC preview episode! To read this article in full, please click here
   Intel patches chip flaw that could leak your cryptographic secrets  2020/06/12 15:33:37 Naked Security
Intel chip features intended to help you do cryptography better could have leaked your inner secrets.