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   Sanlam CEO on bumper pay package; CemAir; US election, bank stocks  2020/10/15 18:35:26 BizNews
In Inside Investing, we talk to CEOs of Sanlam, CemAir, discuss the US election and markets and look at why Visa, Mastercard are interesting prospects.
   Fintech to install kiosks that exchange cash for prepaid Mastercard  2020/10/15 10:00:00 Kiosk Marketplace
   Here's an exclusive look at the pitch deck a 23-year-old Y Combinator alum used to raise $1 million for ethical bank cards  2020/10/15 08:00:00 Business Insider
Summary List Placement Fighting climate change comes in many forms. For some it might be cutting down on meat or flying less, but now people can potentially help fight deforestation with their debit card. That's the idea behind TreeCard, a debit card made from wood launching in 2021. The startup has received $1 million in seed funding from Ecosia, the search engine which has planted more than 110 million trees. In partnership with Mastercard, TreeCard will offer a brand new wooden debit card to minimise plastic consumption, made from sustainably-produced cherry wood from the UK and recycled plastic bottles. Partnering with Ecosia means that for every £45/$60 spent on the card, the company can plant a tree and care for it for three years through the search engine's existing network of 38 tree-planting locations worldwide. TreeCard says it will donate 80% of its profits from interchange fees — the main revenue source for challenger banks — to deforestation initiatives and will be free to use.
   Chewy cofounder Ryan Cohen shares key lessons from Warren Buffett and his father, and explains why he's all-in on Apple  2020/10/14 19:02:04 Business Insider
Summary List Placement Ryan Cohen ignored the naysayers when he cofounded an online pet-supplies retailer in 2011 and squared off against Amazon and After his father suffered a heart attack in 2017, Cohen made a series of tough calls to spend more time with him: scrapping plans to take Chewy public, selling the company for $3.4 billion, and resigning as CEO the following year. Cohen broke with convention again by investing the vast majority of his wealth in two stocks , Apple and Wells Fargo, and later placing a contrarian bet on ailing video-game retailer GameStop. The entrepreneur attributes his independent streak to the "two biggest influences on my professional life": his father, Ted Cohen, who passed away last December, and Warren Buffett, the billionaire investor and Berkshire Hathaway CEO. "Something critical that I learned from my dad and Warren Buffett was the ability to separate myself from the herd and think independently," Cohen told Business Insider this week. The pair's teachings allow him to "block out the noise, develop my own point of view, and not be influenced by daily headlines or the consensus or what's in style." For example, many people initially doubted Chewy would be able to ship 30-pound bags of pet food to customers and make any money. "In the early years, few investors thought Chewy was a good idea," Cohen said. "I struck out raising capital over 100 times." Ignoring the skeptics, as well as avoiding distractions and saying "no" to all but the best opportunities, enabled Cohen to focus on the things most critical to Chewy's success: competitive prices, compelling products, fast shipping, and personalized customer service.
   Mastercard partners with Signzy for global rollout of video KYC - ET CIO  2020/10/14 03:57:12 Economic Times India IT
Deployment of video KYC will allow end-users to complete and submit their KYC application from the safety and security of their homes. This would be 9..
   How Credit Card Networks Visa and Mastercard are Developing in the Middle East and Africa  2020/08/02 14:01:07 The Fintech Times
The two largest #creditcard networks #Visa and #Mastercard are working hard to develop partnerships across the Middle East and Africa @visa @mastercard #UAE #Zambia #SouthAfrica #Bahrain #Oman The post How Credit Card Networks Visa and Mastercard are Developing in the Middle East and Africa appeared first on The Fintech Times .
   Visa And MasterCard Taking Big Steps For Mass Crypto Adoption -  2020/08/01 13:16:06 InsideBitcoins
Visa and Mastercard stand as global leaders in the payment services industry, and have been taking steps to accelerate crypto payment processor support. They did […]
   Visa and Mastercard Overcharging Refund, a well-timed potential financial windfall for hospitality - Hospitality & Catering News  2020/08/01 10:23:58 Hospitality & Catering News
Following the recent landmark decision of the Supreme Court against Visa and Mastercard, in favour of Sainsburys et al, – the Supreme Court Judgement summary can be read here – hospitality and catering businesses can now access potential refunds without having to litigate themselves. The matter is complex and requires substantial consideration, so we recommend readers …
   Brazil central bank authorizes tests of Facebook's WhatsApp pay, Mastercard and Visa say  2020/07/31 21:25:23
   Mastercard and Visa Are Making Bold Moves Toward Mass Crypto Adoption  2020/07/31 17:30:00 Cointelegraph
Global payment processors Mastercard and Visa are laying the foundations for crypto support that may drive adoption on a global scale.