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   Buzz: Birla-Bajaj's new bond; unicorn fights back  2021/04/05 03:06:17 Economic Times India
ET’s weekly roundup of the wackiest whispers and murmurs in corporate corridors & policy parlours:Smart MovesThe big corporate houses, from Aditya Birla to Tata, Reliance or JSW, all have a mini investment bank within the organization filled with ace rainmakers. The latest to make that career shift is adventure-loving, biker-banker Karan Suri who is all set to join his former Morgan Stanley and Rothschild mate Anshuman Thakur at Reliance Industries, a little bird tells us. We saw Thakur working closely with Manoj Modi to raise mega bucks last year for Jio Platforms and Reliance Retail. We wonder if Suri would do a repeat in the energy sector, his speciality after successfully SPAC-ing, sorry De-SPACing ReNew Power in the US. Mukesh Ambani is very clear that he wants to steer RIL towards clean energy, hydrogen and carbon neutrality. We are waiting for the next round of action.The Yield CurveThis unicorn founder is notorious for being daring, often foolhardy. Perhaps you can argue that’s the trait of a true maverick.
   Large Investor Picks Fisker Over NIO And Lucid Motors With $4 Million Purchase In Fisker Stock. Sets $400 Price Target For 2025 Which Offers 2,500 Upside Reward. (NYSE:CCIV)  2021/04/04 01:08:35 Seeking Alpha
Fisker Investor shows his portfolio on youtube investing $4 million in Fisker. Morgan Stanley Picks Fisker as #1 EV stock for 2021 and sets $90 Target.
   Deutsche Bank teamed up with 6 firms led by women, people of color, and veterans on a $750 billion bond sale as Wall Street looks to elevate minority shops  2021/04/02 14:40:20 Business Insider
Summary List Placement When markets opened Tuesday and Deutsche Bank announced a $750 million bond sale, dealmakers would have been forgiven for thinking it was just another regular investment grade transaction. But for the first time, Deutsche appointed financial institutions that are service-disabled and veteran-owned, or operated by women or people from communities of color, to not just participate in the deal, but lead the effort alongside the German bank's own syndicate desk. Typically, firms opt for the usual suspects, from large, money-center banks such as Citi or Bank of America to household investment banking names like Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs conduct their bond sales. But Deutsche's move comes as companies increasingly turn to minority-owned investment banks to coordinate bond sales to attract new investors into transactions and to highlight their own commitment to diversity and inclusion initiatives on Wall Street. And importantly, Deutsche's decision to mandate Academy Securities, CastleOak Securities, Loop Capital Markets, Mischler Financial Group, R Seelaus, and Siebert Williams Shank as joint lead managers was a signal that these smaller firms can not just participate in these transactions, but lead bond deals for the capital markets' biggest borrowers.
   Archegos imploded and wiped billions off the market, turning the spotlight on the virtually unregulated family office sector industry. Experts spell out how the damage was done.  2021/04/01 16:08:35 Business Insider
Summary List Placement The dramatic implosion of Archegos Capital Management has turned the spotlight on family offices. These usually conservative financial institutions are effectively unregulated, but that can be risky. Archegos blew an estimated $10 billion hole in some banks, using leverage and derivatives. Sign up here for our daily newsletter, 10 Things Before the Opening Bell . Family offices sound innocent, but one just blew an estimated $10 billion hole in some of the world's biggest banks. Bill Hwang's Archegos Capital Management was a large investment firm funding risky bets through lots of borrowing. But it was structured as a "family office", a type of financial institution designed to preserve and grow a rich person's wealth, meaning it went largely unnoticed. It shot to prominence this week, however, after it emerged that its bankers had confiscated its holdings and sold them in huge chunks, wiping around $35 billion off US media group ViacomCBS and certain Chinese tech stocks on Friday.
   Goldman Sachs Offers Bitcoin Investment Services: Commentary  2021/04/01 14:42:47 ValueWalk
Goldman Sachs yesterday announced that it is to offer its first investment vehicles for bitcoin and other digital assets to clients of its private wealth management group in the second quarter of this year. The bank has joined other leading investment banks JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley in offering Bitcoin investment services for clients, with significant […] The post Goldman Sachs Offers Bitcoin Investment Services: Commentary appeared first on ValueWalk .
   Upcoming Earnings Look To Cut Through The Market's Volatility  2021/02/02 12:27:27 Benzinga
With all of the activity happening in the market at the moment, it sometimes goes unappreciated that we are knee-deep in earnings season. Solid deliveries from market constituents like Facebook Inc. (NASDAQ: FB ) and Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL ) as well as a slew of positive earnings from financials like JPMorgan Chase & Co. (NYSE: JPM ) and Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS ) have primed the pump for more upside surprises as companies close the books on a tumultuous 2020. Nevertheless, the recent volatility in the market has somewhat overshadowed the impact of these results as the market’s physics grapple with the activity of retail traders buying and selling stocks as a weapon against hedge funds and institutional traders. Individual traders hoping to navigate this earnings season in the midst of the market’s current unpredictability would do well to not only look at the fundamentals of these companies, but also analyze their recent chart performance using institutional-quality software like that from trading research firm VantagePoint .
   Morgan Stanley: "This Correction Has Arrived And It's Likely To Get Worse And Feel Bad"  2021/02/01 20:03:51 Zero Hedge
Morgan Stanley: "This Correction Has Arrived And It's Likely To Get Worse And Feel Bad" Last Wednesday, even before the full extent of the r/wallstreetbets short squeeze had emerged, which would culminate with GME soaring above $500, the VIX surging above 30 and the Dow suffering two 600+ point drops, JPMorgan's Marko Kolanovic emerged from winter hibernation to give the suddenly skittish bulls his usual pep talk , dismissing concerns that the short squeeze could impact stocks beyond just the immediate term and concluding that " any market pullback, such as one driven by repositioning by a segment of the long-short community (and related to stocks of insignificant size), is a buying opportunity, in our view. " What we found strange is that just one day later, another JPM analyst, this time Andrew Tyler author of the popular daily "Market Intelligence" recap note, had a far less bullish take, and when rhetorically answering the question "are we there yet" (referring to whether the deleveraging short squeeze is finally over), he said that "put together, in N.
   Spencer Cox Joins UBS as a Financial Advisor in Iowa  2021/02/01 16:30:00 Business Wire
DES MOINES, Iowa--(BUSINESS WIRE)--UBS Wealth Management USA announced today that Spencer Cox has joined the firm as a Financial Advisor within the Alpha Wealth Consulting Group in West Des Moines, Iowa. Spencer has been a Financial Advisor for 10 years, most recently working at Morgan Stanley. Spencer started his career at Smith Barney, where he was a consultant for five years before becoming an entrepreneur. He built his company into one of the largest family owned vending and coffee business
   Locaweb anuncia follow-on que pode movimentar até R$ 2,4 bilhões  2021/02/01 11:50:38 Valor Econômico
A operação será majoritariamente primária, quando os recursos vão para o caixa da empresa Reprodução Instagram da empresa Quase um ano após seu IPO e depois de verem suas ações subirem impressionantes 492%, a Locaweb anunciou uma oferta subsequente de ações (follow-on). A operação será majoritariamente primária - quando os recursos vão para o caixa da empresa - mas também pode haver uma tranche secundária, quando acionistas atuais vendem suas fatias, se forem exercidos os lotes adicional e suplementar. A oferta-base é de 68 milhões de ações e considerando o valor de fechamento de quinta-feira, de R$ 25,92, movimentaria R$ 1,762 bilhão. Se forem exercidos os lotes adicional e suplementar, esse valor sobe para R$ 2,379 bilhões. A Locaweb aprovou um desdobramento de ações na proporção de 4 para 1, com base na posição acionária de 29 de janeiro. Esse valor de R$ 25,92 já considera o desdobramento. A operação será feita via instrução CVM 476, que limita a busca de investidores a no máximo 75 institucionais.
   Missed out on Tesla? Morgan Stanley picks 3 electric car stocks that could bring double-digit returns  2021/02/01 09:23:22 CNBC
Morgan Stanley is predicting double-digit gains for China's electric car stocks given strong predicted growth as the industry moves rapidly toward tech upgrades.
   Crypto Restricted On Robinhood After Musk Comments Spike Bitcoin  2021/01/29 13:58:22 Zero Hedge
Crypto Restricted On Robinhood After Musk Comments Spike Bitcoin If the SEC wants to look into anyone for market manipulation, maybe they should leave Reddit alone and start looking once again at their old nemesis Elon Musk. After all, it was Musk's "GameStonk!" tweet that helped light the fuse for the stock to rocket in after hours trading earlier this week. Now, Musk's cheerleading of crypto appears to have caused Robinhood to restrict trading - once again - in an asset "due to extraordinary market conditions". “Due to extraordinary market conditions, we’ve temporarily turned off Instant buying power for crypto,” Robinhood told CNBC on Friday morning. “Customers can still use settled funds to buy crypto. We’ll keep monitoring market conditions and communicating with our customers.” As we noted earlier this morning, just around 420am ET, the world's richest man singlehandedly pushed bitcoin up by 15%, boosting its market cap by around $80 billion, with a single tweet: " In retrospect, it was inevitable".
   Bitcoin Soars 15% On Elon Musk Tweet  2021/01/29 12:30:43 Zero Hedge
Bitcoin Soars 15% On Elon Musk Tweet Shortly after the joke cryptocurrency DogeCoin soared 800% after Elon Musk tweeted the image of a dog which his followers interpreted as an endorsement of the farcical crypto, just around 420am ET, the world's richest man singlehandedly pushed bitcoin up by 15%, boosting its market cap by around $80 billion, with a single tweet: " In retrospect, it was inevitable" In retrospect, it was inevitable — Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 29, 2021 What is he referring to? The answer was to be found in his bitcoin profile which was changed to just one word: "#bitcoin" As a reminder, three weeks ago we predicted that Elon Musk would be instrumental in pushing bitcoin above $100,000 per token, when discussing the strategy of companies to convert existing cash to bitcoin, we said that "countless other publicly-traded firms will now rush to convert all their cash (and more) into bitcoin, while abandoning existing operations in hopes of becoming bitcoin investment pools and having their shares similarly snapped up by whale investors such as Morgan Stanley.
   Is India a tough game for foreign MF players?  2021/01/29 07:16:35 Economic Times India
Another international player is all set to pack their bags and leave the Indian mutual fund space as Sundaram Mutual has acquired the MF business of Principal AMC. Sundaram Asset Management Company Limited announced on Thursday that apart from the schemes managed by Principal Asset Management, it will also acquire 100% of the share capital of Principal AMC, Principal Trustee Company Pvt Limited and Principal Retirement Advisors Pvt Ltd. With another international player exiting the Indian market, the debate about their prospects in India has started again. Is India a tough game for international players? Sunil Subramaniam, MD & CEO of Sundaram Mutual, believes it is. “Many foreign players have existed India in the past. One of the main reasons for this is that the regulatory environment in India is very different from abroad. In India, individual distributors are playing an important role. Abroad, the business is mostly run by institutions and banks. Here in India, only 30% business comes from the banks.
   Robinhood Gets $1B Funding, Taps Credit Line As It Prepares To Resume Trading Of GameStop, Other Hot Stocks  2021/01/29 06:45:34 Benzinga
Robinhood is prepping to restore trading in the shares of GameStop Corp (NYSE: GME ) and other stocks at the center of the recent retail investor fueled frenzy by accessing a credit facility led by banks, the Financial Times reported Thursday. What Happened: The trading app has accessed a credit line worth several hundred million dollars facilitated by banks led by JPMorgan Chase & Co (NYSE: JPM ), Goldman Sachs Group Inc (NYSE: GS ), Morgan Stanley (NYSE: MS ), Barclays Plc (NYSE: BCS ), and Wells Fargo & Co (NYSE: WFC ), people familiar with the matter told FT. Separately, the … Full story available on
   Morgan Stanley names its 'high conviction' Europe stocks set to surprise this earnings season  2021/01/29 06:34:50 CNBC
Morgan Stanley has named the stocks that its analysts predict will be the best performers — and under-performers — ahead of their earnings reports.