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   LinkedIn Introduces AI-Powered Copy Suggestions Tool for Advertisers  2023/06/08 20:30:00 Metaverse Post
Professional networking platform LinkedIn has launched a new tool that uses generative AI by OpenAI to suggest different copies of an ad. The tool takes data from a marketer’s LinkedIn page and Campaign Manager setting, including objective, targeting criteria, and audience, to suggest different introductory text for the ad. To use the tool, marketers input their copy into the “introductory text” box within the Campaign Manager and turn on “Generate copy suggestions” to receive suggestions for that text. The feature is currently in testing and is available to selected customers in North America. With the new tool, LinkedIn, a subsidiary of Microsoft, is joining other tech platforms like Meta in using artificial intelligence to help advertisers create more effective and creative campaigns. “We know that 55% of marketers plan to use Generative AI to increase their efficiency so they can focus on higher-value work. That’s why we’re developing AI-generated Copy Suggestions that use advanced OpenAI GPT models to leverage data from your LinkedIn Page and Campaign Manager settings, like objective, targeting criteria and audience, to suggest ad headlines and copy to help you jumpstart your campaigns,” Abhishek Shrivastava, VP of Product at LinkedIn, wrote in a blog post.
   The S&P 500 is in a bull market. Here''s what that means and how long the bull might run  2023/06/08 20:26:38 Times Union
The S&P 500 is now in what Wall Street refers to as a bull market, meaning the index has risen 20% or more from its most recent low. Here are some answers to questions about bull and bear markets: WHY IT IS CALLED A BULL MARKET? Wall Street’s nickname for a surging stock market is a bull market because bulls charge, said Sam Stovall, chief investment strategist at CFRA. In contrast, bears hibernate, so bears represent a market that’s retreating. WHEN DID THE NEW BULL MARKET BEGIN? This latest bull market is considered to have begun on Oct. 13, 2022, a day after the S&P 500 closed at its most recent low of 3,577.03. WHY HAS THE MARKET RALLIED? Largely because the economy has defied predictions by not falling into a recession, at least not yet. Markets tumbled last year on fears about how the worst inflation in decades would ravage the economy. More precisely, Wall Street got spooked by the aggressive measures the Federal Reserve took to combat high inflation. The Fed has yanked interest rates to their highest level since 2007, up from virtually zero early last year.
   Microsoft Seeks to Assure Customers Its AI Products Will Be Lawful  2023/06/08 19:43:44 EIN News IT
… ,” Microsoft said Thursday in a blog post. The Redmond, Washington-based software … proposed law regarding artificial intelligence, Microsoft wants to encourage customers to … than benefits,” wrote Antony Cook, Microsoft vice president and deputy general …
   When Should You Buy Microsoft Stock? Here’s the Magic Number.  2023/06/08 18:02:42 InvestorPlace
As a financial trader, even if you’re right, you still have to be nimble. It’s understandable if you’re optimistic about Microsoft in light of the company’s powerful foray into artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Yet, timing your entry point with Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT ) stock may be tricky after its incredible year-to-date rally. Consequently, today I’ll provide a possible dip-buying price so nobody can accuse you of chasing. After all, valuations still matter and chasing vertical price moves can be bad for your financial health. With that in mind, let’s conduct a checkup on Microsoft stock to determine whether it’s in the buy zone now. Is It Too Late to Buy MSFT Stock? Believe it or not, Microsoft stock has rallied from around $240 at the beginning of 2023 to $335 as of this writing. That represents a gain of nearly 40%, and we’re not even including dividend payments here. Therefore, I totally get it if you’re worried about being late to the party. Share-price rallies of this magnitude can distort a company’s valuation.
   AI Stocks Aren''t in a Bubble. Look at the Numbers.  2023/06/08 17:29:00 Barron''s
Microsoft, Nvidia, AMD, Meta Platforms, and Alphabet stocks have surged. They aren''t in bubble territory, however, when considering valuations relative to historical data.
   Microsoft: Generative AI Unlocking Growth Potential  2023/05/31 21:49:54 Seeking Alpha
Microsoft''s strong profitability and free cash flow profile, and its AI advancements, position it to maintain its leadership. See why MSFT stock is rated a buy.
   Microsoft’s CSO says AI will help humans flourish, cosigns doomsday letter anyway  2023/05/31 21:00:00 Cryptomilionar
Eric Horvitz penned a blog post lauding the transformative nature of AI on the same day he cosigned a document warning it could kill us all. The post Microsoft’s CSO says AI will help humans flourish, cosigns doomsday letter anyway appeared first on .
   Microsoft Details macOS Vulnerability That Could Bypass SIP  2023/05/31 20:37:19 WebProNews
WebProNews Microsoft Details macOS Vulnerability That Could Bypass SIP Microsoft has provided details on a new macOS vulnerability, one that could be used to bypass System Integrity Protection (SIP). Microsoft Details macOS Vulnerability That Could Bypass SIP Staff
   Did Elon Musk Just Trigger a New Netscape Moment?  2023/05/31 20:23:42 InvestorPlace
A small corner of the stock market is poised to go bananas… In the first few months of 2023, it’s already produced 187%, 379%, and even 865% gains among a slew of stocks… And it doesn’t look like it’s stopping anytime soon… So much so that investing in this corner of the market could be like buying internet stocks in the mid-90s . Let me explain… Rewind back to 1994; Netscape Communications Corporation launches their groundbreaking browser, opening the gates of the internet to the masses. Before this, the internet was a playground for only the most dedicated tech enthusiasts. But Netscape changed the game… Its user-friendly interface and intuitive navigation system brought a new era of digital communication and collaboration… And as Netscape’s browser gained traction, it triggered a massive surge in internet adoption… and with it, internet stocks began to soar. Microsoft, just beginning to take advantage of the internet’s sheer reach, saw their stock value rise by more than 10x in the few years following Netscape’s launch… Oracle, pioneering multimedia applications, enjoyed a staggering 29x return on their stock six years later… Cisco Systems, a key player in the internet trend, saw a colossal 55x return after Netscape’s launch… And today, we find ourselves on the brink of something similar … …another seismic “Netscape Moment”.
   Microsoft Corporation (MSFT) Jefferies Software Conference 2023 (Transcript)  2023/05/31 19:47:07 Seeking Alpha
Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:NASDAQ:MSFT) Jefferies Software Conference 2023 May 31, 2023 12:00 PM ETCompany ParticipantsJared Spataro - CVP, Modern Work & Business…
   EU Antitrust Regulators Expected to Approve Microsoft’s Acquisition of Activision  2023/05/10 23:45:56 BigTechWire
In a significant development for the gaming industry, EU antitrust regulators are anticipated to greenlight Microsoft Corp’s $69 billion acquisition of Activision by May 15, according to sources familiar with the matter. The approval comes despite the UK Competition and Markets Authority’s (CMA) decision to block the deal late last month over concerns about the […]
   Microsoft Foregoes Employee Pay Raises in Tough Economic Times  2023/05/10 23:36:25 BigTechWire
Amidst a period of economic uncertainty and a dramatic shift in focus towards generative AI, Microsoft Corp has announced it will not be offering pay raises to full-time employees this year. Despite the decision, the tech giant stated it would maintain its bonuses, stock awards, and promotions for the fiscal year. This announcement comes following […]
   What is Canton Network? Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, Others New Blockchain.  2023/05/10 23:30:00 CryptoPrice Nigeria
The Canton Network introduces the industry''s first private-blockchain designed specifically for financial institutions Continue reading at DailyCoin.
   Intel, Boston Consulting Group team to sell AI to corporate customers  2023/05/10 23:00:37 Financial Post
Intel Corp and Boston Consulting Group on Wednesday said they are working together to sell generative artificial intelligence tools to big businesses. Generative AI is the class of technology behind popular chatbots like OpenAI’s ChatGPT that can reply to queries with human-like text. Google owner Alphabet Inc and Microsoft Corp are revamping their search engines […]
   Google Adding AI To Search Engine For Some Users—Closing In On Microsoft''s AI Push  2023/05/10 22:48:11 EIN News IT
… users view search results after Microsoft announced a similar plan. … , AP reported; however, Google also announced Wednesday that Bard … and changes to Google products come as Microsoft , one of its … Google , according to the New York Times and CNN. Microsoft …