MSFT - マイクロソフト (Microsoft Corporation)


   Web giants must stop cashing in on pension scam misery, say MPs  2021/03/28 05:45:33 The Guardian
Inquiry hears how tech giants gain twice from internet fraud – taking ad payments from criminals and from regulators warning about them Ministers must force tech giants such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft to stop the “immoral” practice of profiting from the £10bn of pension fraud committed by internet scammers, a committee of MPs has urged. Fraudsters use online advertisements, mostly on Google, to trick people out of their pension funds, according to a report published by the work and pensions select committee, but regulators are “powerless” to hold the internet firms to account. Related: Pension scams: some victims have lost more than £1m to fraudsters Continue reading…
   Crisis, what crisis? Bosses thrive in lockdown while their workers suffer | Torsten Bell  2021/03/28 05:30:33 The Guardian
Research shows business leaders are earning more and taking more time off but the picture is different for employees Lockdown means we’re all losing touch with just about everyone. I vaguely remember these things called friends, but frankly “normality” is now such a long time ago that the details are blurry. In this out-of-touch Olympics, it turns out there is, however, a clear winner: bosses. A gold medal is the bosses’ reward for living on an entirely different planet from their workers (everywhere except for the Resolution Foundation, obviously). At least that’s the takeaway from a global survey by Microsoft that polled 30,000 people from 31 countries, focusing on office work that has moved online. The Work Trend Index found that 62% of business leaders were personally “thriving” during the pandemic. The lucky things were also more likely to be earning more and to have been able to take more of their annual leave. Continue reading…
   Is Now The Time To Buy Stock In Microsoft, Disney, Apple Or Nike?  2021/03/27 13:56:38 Benzinga
One of the most common questions traders have about stocks is “Why Is It Moving?” That’s why Benzinga created the Why Is It Moving, or WIIM, feature in Benzinga Pro . WIIMs are a one-sentence description as to why that stock is moving. Here’s the latest news and updates for Microsoft, Disney, Apple and Nike. Microsoft Corporation ’s (NASDAQ: MSFT ) decentralized identity platform ION is now live on the Bitcoin blockchain. A project four years in the making, ION aims to provide … Full story available on
   Top Microsoft executives have been quietly building the case for why it might want to buy Discord for $10 billion or more (MSFT)  2021/03/27 13:25:00 Business Insider
Summary List Placement Microsoft is said to be in exclusive talks to acquire online group chat platform Discord for $10 billion or more, in a deal that could be announced as soon as April. The company has yet to confirm a pending deal, but recent comments from executives help shed light on why exactly Microsoft might want to acquire a chat platform created for gamers – and what was behind its failed bid to acquire TikTok and reported one-time interest in snapping up Pinterest . In short: It's all about getting in on content creators and communities. During Microsoft's recent Ignite conference, CEO Satya Nadella laid out the company's priorities for the next several years , reiterating points like an increased need for public trust in technology and an "explosion" of data — but also using the time to call for tools that can make for "empowered creators and communities everywhere." Nadella called for the "democratization of creation," which means expanding skills, tools, platforms, connections, and collaboration across communities so "everyone can create, whether it's building a virtual world, students working on an assignment with short-form videos, knowledge workers creating formulas and spreadsheets for developers, writing code, or domain experts using local tools to build applications," he said.
   Tech CEOs speak to congress, more details on Nintendo's next Switch video - CNET  2021/03/27 11:00:02 CNET
This week's major tech headlines include tech CEOs in front of Congress, details about the next Nintendo Switch and Microsoft's rumored bid to purchase Discord.
   Microsoft pandered to the CCP to keep LinkedIn alive in China, but now China demands more censorship  2021/03/20 19:14:12 USSA News
Apple is that hardware company has been allowed to remain and sell big in China’s vast, to say the least, market – but would it surprise you to learn that out of all major US social media networks, it is only LinkedIn, owned by Microsoft, that is allowed to work in mainland China’s massive and […]
   Билл Гейтс раскритиковал планы Байдена  2021/03/20 17:08:13 Report AZ
Сооснователь компании Microsoft Билл Гейтс, отвечая на вопросы пользователей платформы Reddit, заявил, что в целом поддерживает идею повышения налогов в США, однако некоторые инициативы "заходят слишком далеко"
   Xbox Series X/S e HDR next gen: in arrivo il Dolby Vision per giochi ancora più immersivi  2021/03/20 17:02:00 Everyeye
I test sul prossimo aggiornamento firmware di Xbox Series X/S confermano l'arrivo imminente della tecnologia Dolby Vision sulle console next gen Microsoft Il resoconto offerto dai partecipanti alle fasi di testing sul prossimo aggiornamento firmware delle console Microsoft confermano l'imminente arrivo di Dolby Vision su Xbox Series X/S . Prosegui la lettura
   Билл Гейтс напомнил молодёжи о глобальных и личных целях  2021/03/20 15:56:00 PravdaRu
В ходе диалога с пользователями платформы Reddit основатель Microsoft Билл Гейтс признался, что "заржавел" как программист. Сейчас его волнуют другие проблемы. На протяжении последних пятнадцати лет Билл Гейтс изучает проблему изменения климата. Он даже написал книгу "Как избежать климатической катастрофы" и создал организацию, которая поддерживает инновации, ускоряющие переход к "чистой" энергетике. И сейчас, по его словам, человечеству нужен план, который превратит этот импульс в практические шаги для достижения этой большой цели. Последний год Билл Гейтс посвятил борьбе с пандемией коронавирусной инфекции COVID-19. Созданный им ранее Фонд работает по всему миру, чтобы помочь решить эту проблему, уточнил предприниматель. Он считает, что человечество должно извлечь урок из этой трагедии, чтобы лучше подготовиться к следующей пандемии.
   Xbox Series S e un secondo controller Pulse Red a prezzo vantaggioso da GameStop  2021/03/20 14:25:00 Everyeye
GameStopZing permette di acquistare un bundle a prezzo vantaggioso contenente Xbox Series S e un controller aggiuntivo Pulse Red. Volete entrare nella nuova generazione di console ma non volete spendere tanto? Xbox Series S potrebbe fare al caso vostro: la piccolina di casa Microsoft offre un'esperienza di nuova generazione senza esagerare sulla potenza bruta e ad un prezzo contenuto. Prosegui la lettura
   Hackers invadem sistema da Microsoft e fazem 60 mil vítimas no mundo  2021/03/07 14:30:32 Veja
Ataque ao software de e-mail reacende debate sobre segurança cibernética; Casa Branca pede atenção e diz que ameaça ainda está ativa
   Nach Angriff auf Exchange-Server: Microsoft veröffentlicht Tool zur Sicherheitsprüfung  2021/03/07 14:16:00 derStandard
Neben von Microsoft bereitgestellten Updates gibt es für Administratoren jetzt ein Tool, mit dem sie herausfinden können, ob ein Server betroffen ist | Hackers breach thousands of Microsoft customers around the world  2021/03/07 13:09:22 News24
A sophisticated attack on Microsoft’s widely used business email software is morphing into a global cybersecurity crisis.
   Zenimax-Übernahme durch Microsoft: US-Börsenaufsicht gibt grünes Licht  2021/03/07 13:00:01 derStandard
Nun liegt es an der Europäischen Wettbewerbsbehörde, der Übernahme zuzustimmen. Eine Entscheidung ebendieser wurde eigentlich Anfang März erwartet
   Barron's Latest Picks And Pans: Lowe's, Microsoft, Vertex Pharmaceuticals, ViacomCBS And More  2021/03/07 12:19:30 Benzinga
This weekend's Barron's provides some insight into Cathie Wood, one of Barron's 100 most influential women in the United States this year. Other featured articles discuss how Barron's ugly stock picks have fared since last summer, two companies that are reinventing themselves and why good news is bad for tech stocks. Also, the prospects for a luxury e-commerce play, a biopharmaceutical stock, a big-box retailer and more. " ARK's Cathie Wood Disrupted Investment Management. She's Not Done Yet " by Evie Liu discusses why recent setbacks do not scare one of this year's 100 most influential women in the United States. See why Wood favors Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA ) in the ARK Innovation ETF (NYSE: ARKK ) and other ARK Invest funds. Nicholas Jasinski's " A Tech Stock With a Tailwind—Luxury E-Commerce " makes the case that MYT Netherlands Parent BV (NYSE: MYTE ) is a cheap play on Gucci, Burberry and other luxury brands. See why Barron's believes that high-end e-commerce boutique Mytheresa has a big opportunity when it comes to luxury shopping online.