MSTR - マイクロストラテジ― (MicroStrategy Incorporated)


   MicroStrategy stock finally takes a breather following massive BTC-inspired rally  2021/01/11 18:43:50 Cointelegraph
MicroStrategy shares declined in lockstep with Bitcoin on Monday. The stock is still up 300% from last summer.
   Marathon Patent Among Crypto-Adjacent Stocks Tumbling With Bitcoin  2021/01/11 16:29:20 The Street
Bitcoin's big two-day decline is also affecting stocks such as Marathon Patent and MicroStrategy.
   ‘Full-Blown Mania’: Stock Market Jackpot Bells Just Keep Ringing  2021/01/10 19:06:45 Yahoo Finance
(Bloomberg) -- Like a slot machine paying off on every pull, the stock market’s most reliable bets lately have often been its riskiest.Go long a company that sounds like something Elon Musk mentioned in a tweet (but wasn’t)? Signal Advance Inc. just soared 12-fold. Lend money to a software maker to buy Bitcoin? A Microstrategy Inc. convertible bond is up 50% in four weeks (its option is in the money). Back up the truck on bullish options after the Nasdaq 100 doubled in 24 months? Wednesday was the fourth-busiest day ever for call trading in the U.S. (the other three were last year).Throw a dart, hit a winner, so it has lately seemed. Emboldened by Federal Reserve stimulus, vaccines and the psychological conditioning that arises when no bad patch lasts, everyone from retail newbies to institutional managers is rushing to cash in on the 10-month-old meltup. Of course, it’s possible that all of this could continue for weeks, if not months, without so much of even a little reversal. Predicting exactly when such fevers will break is a near impossible task.
   Morgan Stanley Now Owns Over $300 Million in BTC - BeInCrypto  2021/01/10 12:16:41 BeInCrypto
Morgan Stanley purchased a 10.9% stake in MicroStrategy to gain control over its bitcoin reserves. The stake equals 300 million in BTC.
   Morgan Stanley Massively Increases Bitcoin Exposure Through Microstrategy | Markets and Prices Bitcoin News  2021/01/09 21:30:45 News
Global investment bank Morgan Stanley has increased its bitcoin exposure manyfold by investing in Microstrategy, the Nasdaq-listed company which currently holds about 70,470 bitcoins. Morgan Stanley now has a 10.9% stake in Microstrategy.
   Bitcoin Shortage is Real; PayPal & Cash App Buying More Than 100% of All Newly-Issued BTC  2020/11/23 16:39:42 BitcoinExchangeGuide
Ever since the Bitcoin halving on May 11, a mere 900 BTC have been generated every day, half of what has been mined before that day. At the time, BTC price was around $8,500, and legendary investor Paul Tudor Jones had just come out with his Bitcoin bull thesis calling it the fastest horse as an inflation hedge. While Square’s Cash App and Grayscale have been all in Bitcoin’s business, eating up more than half of the bitcoin supply, things were relatively very smooth. Now, nearly seven months following the halving, BTC's price has increased 10x, currently trading around $18,500. This jump in price in the backdrop of zero and sub-zero interest rates, money printing by the central banks, and their ever-expanding balance sheets has captured the interest of companies like MicroStrategy and Square, celebrities like Maisie Williams and rapper Logic, high-profile investors like Stan Druckenmiller, Bill Miller, JPMorgan and BlackRock changing their tunes on BTC - seeing it replacing gold. “All the big hitters in the hedge fund world are coming out to endorse bitcoin now; it is entering the realm of the mainstream,” said Pendal's head of fixed income, Vimal Gor.
   MicroStrategy Shares Accelerate on New Bitcoin Strategy  2020/11/23 12:50:12
The shares of MicroStrategy, the American software firm that is known across the Cryptoverse and beyond for using its balance sheet to buy bitcoin (BTC), have accelerated after the company announced their new BTC plans last Monday.
   10 Billionaires Could Triple the Price of Bitcoin, Says MicroStrategy's Michael Saylor | The Daily Hodl  2020/11/22 12:00:21 The Daily Hodl
The founder and CEO of the world’s biggest publicly traded business intelligence firm says that it will only take a handful of multi-billionaires to make the price of Bitcoin skyrocket.
   The Bitcoin Dragon Will Eat the Kingdom of Gold - Microstrategy CEO - Ethereum World News  2020/11/21 12:27:23 Ethereum World News
The CEO of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor, has compared Bitcoin (BTC) to a dragon that will eventually devour gold. Mr. Saylor's exact words were as follows.
   Bitcoin price – MicroStrategy Desires to Be within the Bitcoin Enterprise, Not Simply an Investor  2020/11/21 05:27:55 Fintech Zoom
Bitcoin price - MicroStrategy Desires to Be within the Bitcoin Enterprise, Not Simply an Investor -
   Norway’s $1 Trillion Oil Fund, BlackRock And Vanguard Now Indirectly Hold $100 Million In Bitcoin  2020/09/24 00:00:00 Forbes
The bitcoin world was set alight by news last month that MicroStrategy was buying bitcoin to hedge against inflation--leaving some of its biggest investors with sizeable exposure to bitcoin…
   Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones Would Buy More Bitcoin If He Really Understood It, Says Microstrategy CEO  2020/09/23 19:30:36 News
Prominent hedge fund manager Paul Tudor Jones’ understanding of bitcoin has come into question since he only invested about 1% of his assets in the cryptocurrency. According to the CEO of Microstrategy, the Nasdaq-listed company that recently invested almost half a billion dollars in bitcoin, Jones would have invested much more if he had really […] The post Billionaire Paul Tudor Jones Would Buy More Bitcoin If He Really Understood It, Says Microstrategy CEO appeared first on Bitcoin News .
   MicroStrategy CEO could ‘liquidate $200M in Bitcoin on Saturday’  2020/09/22 22:15:22 Cointelegraph
The CEO said volatility would not be a reason to sell MicroStrategy’s $415M Bitcoin reserves — but better yields elsewhere may be
   Cash a 'melting ice cube': Microstrategy's Saylor talks about move into Bitcoin (Cryptocurrency:BTC-USD)  2020/09/22 19:47:13 Seeking Alpha
"We really felt we were on a $500M melting ice cube," says Microstrategy (NASDAQ:MSTR) CEO Michael Saylor. "Once the real yield on our treasury got to more
   MicroStrategy Can Dump Bitcoin ?Any Day of the Week,? CEO Says  2020/09/22 17:30:00 U.Today
MicroStrategy CEO doesn't rule out dumping $425 mln worth of Bitcoin