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   PRH owner Bertelsmann to buy Simon & Schuster in $2bn deal  2020/11/25 16:55:32 The Guardian
German media firm, already owner of the giant Penguin Random House, says acquisition of another major publisher is ‘approvable’ within monopoly rules German media group Bertelsmann is set to acquire publisher Simon & Schuster for $2.17bn, less than a year after it took control of Penguin Random House (PRH). Bertelsmann outbid Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp, which owns publisher HarperCollins, in a contest for the company that is home to Dan Brown, Hillary Clinton and Stephen King. ViacomCBS put the company up for sale this year in order to refocus on its online and advertising operations. Continue reading…
   Statement of Robert Thomson, Chief Executive of News Corp, Regarding the Sale of Simon & Schuster to Bertelsmann  2020/11/25 15:16:00 Business Wire
NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--News Corp Chief Executive Robert Thomson has commented on ViacomCBS’s announcement regarding the sale of Simon & Schuster to Bertelsmann: “There is clearly no market logic to a bid of that size - only anti-market logic. Bertelsmann is not just buying a book publisher, but buying market dominance as a book behemoth. Distributors, retailers, authors and readers would be paying for this proposed deal for a very long time to come. This literary leviathan would have 70
   Ex-PMs unite in Australia in bid to curb power of Murdoch empire  2020/11/22 07:30:15 The Guardian
Former rivals to star in Leveson-style inquiry into mogul’s near-monopoly of the country’s media In high public office, both men lived and died at the word of the world’s most influential media mogul, Rupert Murdoch. But now two former Australian prime ministers are at the vanguard of a campaign to redress the balance of power. It is a movement that Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull, the respective former Labor and Liberal leaders of Australia, hope will go on to undermine all of Murdoch’s international enterprises. The two former PMs were once rivals but are to appear as joint star witnesses at an upcoming Australian parliamentary inquiry into Murdoch’s dominance of the Australian political debate. Both are to argue that News Corp Australia has become the propaganda arm of the rightwing Liberal government. Continue reading…
   Three suitors still in for Simon & Schuster  2020/11/20 02:39:50 New York Post
Bids for Simon & Schuster are due next week, and there are reportedly three suitors still in the race: News Corp, Bertelsmann and ­Vivendi. Meanwhile, News Corp CEO Robert Thomson is warning of anti­trust concerns if Bertelsmann — already the world’s largest publisher thanks to ownership of Penguin Random House in the US — were…
   Rupert Murdoch tries to weather News Corp's climate crisis at AGM | The Weekly Beast  2020/11/20 00:31:56 The Guardian
News Corp executive chairman says ‘we do not deny climate change’. Plus: ABC rejects Media Watch segment While News Corp’s Australian outlets were waging war against two former prime ministers at home, the New York-based company was holding its first virtual annual general meeting to update its shareholders on what has been a bad year for business. At just 26 minutes long, it was a rushed affair beset by technical hiccups. Kevin Rudd – and Malcolm Turnbull, to a lesser extent – has been targeted by the Murdoch press because of the success of his petition for a royal commission into News Corp which sparked a Senate inquiry into media diversity. Continue reading…
   After years harshly criticizing Big Tech's impact on the publishing industry, News Corp now has partnerships with Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Snapchat, and others (Sara Fischer/Axios)  2020/10/06 17:05:03 Techmeme
Sara Fischer / Axios : After years harshly criticizing Big Tech's impact on the publishing industry, News Corp now has partnerships with Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Snapchat, and others — One of the biggest news publishing companies in the world has slowly backed away from its harsh public criticism of Big Tech platforms …
   News Corp. changes its tune on Big Tech  2020/10/06 12:57:25 Axios
Today, "the terms of trade truly have changed."
   Activist investor pushes for News Corp voting changes  2020/10/06 00:03:17 The Australian Financial Review
A small shareholder is once again looking to take on News Corp in hopes to eliminate supermajority requirements on some company votes.
   News Corp backs push for ABC and SBS to receive payments from Google and Facebook  2020/10/02 06:40:25 The Guardian
Greens and Labor have said they will not support proposed mandatory news code legislation unless public broadcasters are included News Corp Australia is backing a push by the Greens and Labor for the ABC and SBS to receive payments from Google and Facebook under the proposed mandatory news code. The public broadcasters were not included in the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission’s draft code but during the consultation phase the Greens and Labor have said they won’t support the legislation without them. Continue reading…
   Statement of Robert Thomson, Chief Executive of News Corp, On Google’s Announcement Regarding Partnerships With News Publishers  2020/10/01 13:35:00 Business Wire
NEW YORK--(BUSINESS WIRE)--News Corp Chief Executive Robert Thomson has commented on Google's announcement today regarding partnerships with news publishers: “We applaud Google’s recognition of a premium for premium journalism and the understanding that the editorial eco-system has been dysfunctional, verging on dystopian. There are complex negotiations ahead but the principle and the precedent are now established.” About News Corp News Corp (Nasdaq: NWS, NWSA; ASX: NWS, NWSLV) is a global, div
   Bowing out of the family media empire, James Murdoch challenges conservative line  2020/08/02 13:03:15 FRANCE 24
Once seen as a contender for succession at his father Rupert Murdoch’s global media empire, James Murdoch resigned from the board of News Corp on Friday, citing ‘editorial disagreements’. The decision to step down severs his last corporate ties with his family and their companies’ politically conservative outlook.
   Rupert Murdoch’s son quits News Corp over 'editorial disagreements' - CityAM  2020/08/02 10:24:21 City AM
Media mogul Rupert Murdoch’s youngest son has quit the board of News Corporation citing “disagreements over editorial content”. James Murdoch,
   Démission de James Murdoch, fils de Rupert, du conseil d’administration de News Corp  2020/08/01 23:03:38 Sudinfo
L’ancien directeur général du groupe 21st Century Fox James Murdoch, fils du magnat Rupert Murdoch, a démissionné du conseil d’administration de News Corp, selon un document publié vendredi par le gendarme américain des marchés, la SEC.
   James Murdoch steps down after he and his wife grew disillusioned with company's coverage  2020/08/01 21:01:23 Daily Mail Online
James Murdoch, 47, who was once seen as the favourite to take over News Corporation, cited editorial disagreements in his bombshell resignation letter. But he is thought to have grown disillusioned.
   James Murdoch's exit paves way for News Corp to move further right  2020/08/01 18:24:26 The Guardian
Analysis: Murdoch was considered a dissenting voice at the rightwing company. Now his brother Lachlan could see his influence grow James Murdoch’s resignation from the board of News Corp confirms divisive splits in the publishing arm of his family’s media empire and removes a powerful dissenting voice against the rightwing slant of the group, according to insiders. The move marks the full departure of Rupert Murdoch’s youngest son from News Corp and it is likely to boost the influence of his brother, Lachlan, who is seen as being far more sympathetic to rightwing causes. Continue reading…