Plains All American: Incredibly Strong DCF (NYSE:PAA)  2020/09/03 14:14:38 Seeking Alpha
Plains All American operates in a growing market, despite concerns of oil and natural gas. These fossil fuels remain essential to our standard of living.
   PharmAust subsidiary Epichem in waste-to-fuels tilt  2020/09/02 01:35:29 Business News
PharmAust subsidiary Epichem has entered into a joint venture deal to develop a “disruptive” waste-to-fuels technology using biomass and feedstock. Under the 50:50 agreement, medicinal and synthetic chemistry group Epichem and new JV partner Obsidian Minerals will set up the Perren company with the aim of developing and commercialising the biomass/feedstock oxidative
   Pan American Silver: Biding Time (NASDAQ:PAAS)  2020/08/28 16:12:33 Seeking Alpha
Q2 production down in half, though revenues only down 12% from last year. Balance sheet remains healthy and the dividend has been maintained.
   PharmAust tests continue to hit high COVID-19 suppression rates  2020/08/25 08:41:40 Business News
PharmAust’s cancer fighting drugs continue to inhibit COVID-19 in its testing of the effects of the drugs on cultured cells infected by the virus. Preliminary results from lab studies undertaken for PharmAust by the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research in Melbourne show the virus can be suppressed by up to about 95 per cent following treatment with the company’s
   Pan American Silver: Ignore The Q2 Results (NASDAQ:PAAS)  2020/08/16 21:24:22 Seeking Alpha
Pan American Silver announced its Q2 results last week, reporting quarterly silver production down more than 50% from a year ago.