California utility PG&E facing criminal charges over the state's largest 2019 wildfire  2021/04/07 11:43:22 CNN
Criminal charges have been filed against the Pacific Gas and Electric Company over the 2019 Kincade Fire in California.
   PG&E Charged With Crimes in 2019 California Wildfire  2021/04/06 22:18:16 New York Times
A district attorney filed five felony and 28 misdemeanor counts in connection with the Kincade Fire, which ravaged Sonoma County.
   California's Pacific Gas & Electric utility charged in 2019 wildfire  2021/04/06 20:12:52 CNBC
A California prosecutor filed 33 criminal charges Tuesday against the troubled Pacific Gas & Electric for a 2019 wildfire officials blamed on the utility.
   California's Pacific Gas & Electric charged in 2019 wildfire  2021/04/06 19:12:14 ABC News
A California prosecutor has filed 33 criminal counts against troubled Pacific Gas & Electric involving a 2019 wildfire
   Judge mulls requiring PG&E to turn off power more frequently  2021/03/23 18:53:27 ABC News
A federal judge overseeing Pacific Gas & Electric’s criminal probation is considering requiring the utility to be more aggressive about turning off its electricity lines
   California Sets $200M Budget for ‘Complex, Multi-Property Microgrid’ Projects  2021/01/15 15:55:00 Green Technology Media
California regulators have approved a microgrid plan directing $200 million to help communities build networks that can supply power through the state’s extended wildfire-prevention blackouts, a task expected to take years to move from planning to completing its first projects. But private microgrid developers argue the plan doesn’t go far enough to allow private investment to bolster resilience for this year’s fire season, or to meet the mandate of a 2018 law calling for tariffs to allow commercial microgrids to flourish. The microgrid incentive program approved Thursday by the California Public Utilities Commission asks the state’s investor-owned utilities to identify the most cost-effective projects, and the most vulnerable communities, to be eligible for grants to set up “complex, multi-property microgrids.” These are much more complicated than installing behind-the-meter batteries or backup generators, as increasing number of California residents, businesses and critical facilities have been doing to deal with the public safety power shutoffs (PSPS) that have left hundreds of thousands of people without electricity for hours or days at a time over the past two fire seasons.
   Growing Network of Weather Stations and Fire-Watch Cameras Provide PG&E Meteorologists, Outside Agencies with Hyperlocal Data on Extreme Weather - Stocks News Feed  2021/01/12 18:00:00 Stocks News Feed
In 2020, 400 New Weather Stations Brought PG&E’s Network Total to 1,000 Installed and Operational, and the Number of High-Definition Cameras More than Doubled with Over 300 in Operation SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Pacific Gas and Electric Company’s (PG&E) expanded network of enhanced weather technology, including weather stations and high-definition fire-watch cameras located in areas of elevated… Read More »Growing Network of Weather Stations and Fire-Watch Cameras Provide PG&E Meteorologists, Outside Agencies with Hyperlocal Data on Extreme Weather
   California’s Big 2021 Grid Reliability Decision: Expand Supply, or Manage Demand?  2021/01/05 14:42:00 Green Technology Media
California is facing a major decision under a tight deadline — whether it should push for large-scale power plants and batteries to prevent a repeat of its August 2020 rolling blackouts this coming summer, or turn to behind-the-meter resources like batteries and demand response. Right now, the California Public Utilities Commission is moving more quickly to find supply-side solutions. But a rising chorus of distributed energy resource (DER) stakeholders, from smart thermostat kingpin Google Nest to major demand response provider Enel X, are demanding an equivalent push to free up behind-the-meter flexibility. Last week, the CPUC issued a ruling asking the state’s three big investor-owned utilities to seek out ways to expand supply-side capacity before August 2021, the next step in an effort launched in November to prepare for the possibility of another regionwide heatwave pushing the state’s grid past its limits. The options could include expanding existing power plants, adding new utility-scale battery capacity, or securing contracts from out-of-state resources.
   Pacific, Gas and Electric bills to rise amid electricity upgrades to combat wildfires  2020/12/31 17:53:45 Vallejo Times-Herald
Monthly bills for the typical PG&E customer who receives both electricity and gas services from the utility are rising by an average of $5.15 a month, effective Jan. 1.
   10 Victories for Virtual Power Plants in 2020  2020/12/29 16:59:00 Green Technology Media
2020 forced most people into a more distributed and virtual way of life. But a segment of the grid edge industry has been trying to achieve that for years, installing controllable devices at homes and businesses that can work together to help the grid. This concept goes by various names — virtual power plants, flexible loads, behind-the-meter networks — and encompasses tools like rooftop solar, batteries, smart thermostats, smart appliances and electric vehicle chargers. Though small individually, distributed energy resources are projected to grow to 387 gigawatts in the next five years , according to research by Wood Mackenzie. Aggregated resources are still far from full integration into the workings of the grid. But virtual power plants hit several milestones this year, and pushed their deal count higher than ever before. Here is a summary, in more or less reverse chronological order, of major projects, deals, investments and acquisitions in this space from this tumultuous year. Confused about this jargon?
   Willdan Awarded New $10 Million PG&E Public Energy Efficiency Program  2020/12/15 13:30:00 Business Wire
ANAHEIM, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)---- $WLDN--Willdan Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: WLDN) announced today that Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) has awarded a new energy efficiency program to Willdan that serves K-12 public schools and both local and federal government buildings. The four-and-a-half-year, $10 million contract is one of PG&E’s first programs to include both energy efficiency and integrated demand-side management (IDSM) in a single customer offering. The contract has a pay-for-performan
   Legal collaboration led to PG&E deal for victims of wildfires  2020/12/11 03:00:45 Financial Times
Payout result was possible thanks to creative thinking in the utility bankruptcy. Plus: case studies show the changing practice of law
   Baron & Budd Files Suit on Behalf of Shasta and Tehama Counties Against PG&E for Zogg Fire Damages  2020/12/10 19:15:00 Business Wire
SAN DIEGO--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Today, the nationally recognized attorneys from Baron & Budd filed suit against Pacific Gas & Electric Company and PG&E Corporation on behalf of Shasta and Tehama Counties for injuries and damages to public resources caused by the Zogg Fire, which ignited on September 27, 2020 near Zogg Mine Road and Jenny Bird Lane in Shasta County. The suit was filed in San Francisco Superior Court and alleges that the fire started when a gray pine tree fell and struck
   California Faces Big Challenges to Microgrid Plans for Wildfires and Outages  2020/12/10 16:45:00 Green Technology Media
California regulators and utilities want to build microgrids for communities most at threat from the state’s increasingly deadly wildfires, and the widespread public safety power shutoff (PSPS) grid outages meant to prevent them. But despite policies to fund and enable these microgrids, California is still far from finding effective ways to get them in place for next year’s fire season. Even Pacific Gas & Electric, the utility most affected by wildfires and fire-prevention blackouts, is struggling to find solutions to replace the hundreds of megawatts of mobile diesel generators it’s secured to back up blacked-out Northern California communities. This week, the California Public Utilities Commission issued a proposed decision meant to boost action on these fronts, including earmarking up to $350 million for utility “clean substation microgrid” proposals in the 2021-2022 timeframe. The CPUC’s proposed decision, set for a vote in January, also takes steps toward enabling community and third-party operated microgrids, as required under 2018 state law SB 1339.
   5 Startups Working to End Utility-Caused Wildfires  2020/12/10 14:30:00 Green Technology Media
Utilities are not solely responsible for wildfires that have ravaged the United States in recent years, but they are responsible for some of the most deadly and destructive fires seen to date. The most notable example is the November 2018 Camp Fire in California, caused by a poorly maintained Pacific Gas & Electric power line that ultimately led to the deaths of at least 85 people. Facing billions of dollars in liabilities, PG&E filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in January 2019, emerging earlier this year with billions of dollars in debt. Last month, the utility brought on a new CEO in seeking to restore public confidence in its ability to safely operate its Northern California grid. PG&E and other California utilities have sought to improve grid hardening, vegetation clearing, and system monitoring under pressure from state policymakers. But the work is slow and imprecise. In the meantime, utilities have attempted to reduce the risk of sparking wildfires through heavily criticized public-safety power shutoff events.