PHI joins ranks of offshore helicopter companies in Ch. 11 bankruptcy  2019/03/15 23:42:47 Reuters
Helicopter services provider PHI Inc on Thursday sought Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in response to the imminent maturity of some $500 million in notes it was unable to refinance as well as the lingering effects of the recent oil industry downturn.
   PHI Inc. files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy  2019/03/15 16:29:47 Seeking Alpha
   PHI Inc. - Helicopter Services Provider Files For Bankruptcy With Equityholders' Fate In Limbo  2019/03/15 14:59:18 Seeking Alpha
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   Clock Is Ticking at Helicopter Transport Company PHI  2019/03/14 19:58:00 The Wall Street Journal
PHI Inc. has been tight-lipped about how it plans to deal with $500 million in debt maturing Friday, prompting Fitch Ratings to downgrade the credit of the helicopter services business further into junk territory.