PYPL - ペイパル・ホ―ルディングス (PayPal Holdings Inc.)


   Preparing for the Next Stock Market Crash: 2 Top Growth Stocks to Buy  2021/06/05 10:40:00 The Motley Fool
Another bear market could be looming, but PayPal and Teladoc should prosper even if Wall Street takes a tumble.
   Discover cash back calendar 2021: Earn 5% back in rotating bonus categories like dining, gas, and Amazon  2021/06/03 19:57:31 Business Insider
Summary List Placement Some Discover credit cards offer 5% cash back bonus categories that change every three months. These include the Discover it® Cash Back and Discover it® Student Cash Back . You can earn 5% back on up to $1,500 in combined spending in these categories each quarter (then 1%) after you activate Discover It Cashback rotation . Read Insider's guide to the best rewards credit cards . If you want to make the most of cash-back credit cards , there are different earning structures to be aware of. Some cards offer a flat cash-back rate for all purchases, others include extra rewards in specific categories, and a few offer increased earnings in bonus categories that rotate every quarter. The Discover it® Cash Back and Discover it® Student Cash Back fall into the last category. Both earn 5% cash back on up to $1,500 spent in combined bonus categories (then 1%) that change every three months, and 1% back on all other purchases. To earn 5% cash back, you'll first need to activate the bonus through your Discover online account , and if you enroll after the start of the quarter, the bonus will be in effect from the day you activate.
   How MSMEs And Freelancers Can Optimize Cross-border Trade And Foreign Exchange  2021/06/03 17:33:24 Benzinga
Many freelancers and micro, small, and medium enterprises (MSMEs) have been finding ways to keep their portfolios strong in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. But some businesses that have long driven growth in many economies may struggle to keep their businesses afloat in an increasingly digital-first culture. PayPal Holding Inc (NASDAQ: PYPL )'s recent Cross Border Trade (CBT) Report 2021 indicates that cross-border trade is a multibillion-dollar opportunity that may enable much-needed growth for MSMEs and freelancers.The study comes as increased global connectivity continues to contribute to "borderless" economies in response to the pandemic's effect on brick-and-mortar businesses. PayPal's report points to export opportunities as the future of e-commerce, proving that cross-border trade opportunities can improve business for freelancers and MSMEs. To better understand how small businesses can take advantage of the current market, let's explore some ways to globalize freelance opportunities and expand cross-border trade.
   Here’s why New York-based Artists & Fleas is going touch-free  2021/06/03 13:29:57 New York Post
Artists & Fleas is now partnering with PayPal to help its sellers offer a touch-free payment solution so customers can feel safe and secure when shopping.
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   La domanda per le crypto su PayPal ha superato ogni aspettativa, afferma il CEO  2021/04/27 09:35:15 Italy
   Bitcoin Is Not the Harbinger of Financial Change, but DeFi Is  2021/04/26 18:27:58 Benzinga
By: Tim Fries The closer one is to the sun, the more blinded one becomes. These words of wisdom can be found in some form or another, relaying simple truth about human endeavors. The closer we are to the subject matter, the more likely we’ll miss important concepts outside of our concentrated focus—and engage in muddled thinking. This applies to the complex and pioneering world of blockchain in a number of ways. Fortunately, after many milestones crossed, we can take a more objective view in the rear-view mirror. Bitcoin Has Become Mainstream - but Is Its Utility Future-Proof? After reaching a $1 trillion market cap and becoming integrated into the world’s payment processing flows such as PayPal and Square’s CashApp, it’s safe to say that Bitcoin has broken many barriers. In the last couple of months, Canada has approved four Ethereum ETFs while a Bitcoin ETF was launched in February by Purpose Investments on the Toronto Stock Exchange. In the United States, we have yet to see a Bitcoin ETF on NASDAQ or NYSE, although Kryptoin BTC ETF is currently under review by the SEC.
   Could your Facebook fundraiser or GoFundMe land you a big tax bill? Here's what to know before you start one  2021/04/24 13:12:02 USA Today
So you want to start a a fundraiser on Facebook or GoFundMe, or take donations via PayPal, Venmo, Cash, or Zelle. Here's what you need to know to avoid a huge tax bill.
   Must-know promotions, exits, and hires at firms like Wells Fargo, Credit Suisse, and Citi  2021/04/24 12:00:00 Business Insider
Summary List Placement Here's a rundown of news on hires, exits, and promotions from the past week. Are we missing anyone? Let us know. Wells Fargo lost three key executives this week. Wells Fargo 's private wealth head, Julia Wellborn , is leaving the firm after less than two years in the role, Insider reported this week . Wellborn, who joined in 2019 from Comerica Bank , where she was head of wealth management, took the helm at Wells Fargo's private bank, formerly known as Abbott Downing. Lisa McGeough left the bank, where she headed its international business, to lead HSBC 's European investment banking division. She succeeds 32-year veteran Phillipe Henry in the role, according to Financial News. Gary Owen, formerly chief information security officer at Wells Fargo, is leaving to join iCapital Network in the same role, according to a press release . iCapital is a fintech that offers alternative investments for asset and wealth managers. He will report to Tom Fortin, the company's chief information officer.
   The Future of E-commerce and The Contents of Our New Wallets  2021/04/22 14:30:58 Benzinga
A recently-released report from Adobe's e-commerce division shows that the pandemic helped increase online sales nearly $190 million between March 2020 and this February. The headline-grabbing prediction of the first $1 trillion e-commerce year in 2022 should have sent e-commerce stocks soaring, but it didn't. What happened here? A great case in point is Affirm Holdings (AFRM: Nasdaq) led by a former founder of PayPal (PYPL: Nasdaq), Max Levchin. Affirm reached a high in February, but has dropped 40% since then, primarily on the basis of weaker reported sales. Affirm's entire business model challenges the notion of how our future wallets may look. How we pay for transactions has been driven historically by … Full story available on
   Retail Realm Partners with Citcon to Bring a Variety of QR-Based Payment Solutions to Retailers  2021/03/20 02:02:00 Business Wire
SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Citcon, the leading mobile wallet payments company, and Retail Realm, a multinational Microsoft ISV specializing in payments, announced today that they have successfully integrated Citcon’s mobile wallet solutions. This update allows Microsoft Dynamics POS users to accept mobile wallets such as PayPal, Venmo, AliPay, etc. in stores and online. Citcon is a leading mobile wallet payment provider globally. The technology company offers a variety of wallet brands
   IT Retail Partners with Citcon to Bring a Variety of QR-Based Payment Solutions to Retailers  2021/03/20 01:19:00 Business Wire
SAN JOSE, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--IT Retail, a grocery POS company, Citcon, and the leading mobile wallet payments company, announced today a partnership to bring mobile wallet payments to the grocery industry. Citcon is a leading mobile wallet payment provider globally. The technology company offers a variety of wallet brands including PayPal, Venmo, AliPay, WeChat Pay and more. It is the only fully licensed U.S.-based acquirer of all 3 Chinese payment brands: Alipay, WeChat Pay and China Uni
   A passage to India? British fintech firms turn to the sub-continent - CityAM  2021/03/19 23:00:00 City AM
PayPal failed in India, but that doesn’t mean other fintechs should be scared of India. Gaurav Singh, Founding Partner at
   Elon Musk said Tesla wouldn't exist without a little-known electric convertible called the tZero. Here's how the prototype car led to the formation of Tesla and paved the way for electric vehicles. (TSLA)  2021/03/19 20:28:16 Business Insider
Summary List Placement It's hard to remember a time when "Elon Musk" and "electric cars" didn't go hand-in-hand. But back in the early 2000s, the dream of mass-market electric cars with long range and rapid acceleration was still a long way off for Musk, who had already cofounded and sold Zip2 and PayPal and was working on SpaceX. That changed with a fateful test drive in 2003. At the behest of the person who would go on to become Tesla's first chief technology officer, JB Straubel, Musk took a ride in AC Propulsion's tZero, a tiny electric car that was built as a prototype. Musk was so wowed by the car he tried to get the company to commercialize it — it didn't want to, which in part led to the birth of Tesla. Musk described driving the tZero and the events the followed on the Third Row Tesla podcast in February, which was spotted by CNBC's Taylor Locke . Here's how the tZero led the way in electric cars, sparked Elon Musk's interest, and inspired the Tesla Roadster. The tZero was designed by a company called AC Propulsion, which in the early 2000s, was run by cofounder Alan Cocconi and CEO Tom Gage.
   US Banking Digital Trust Study: Which US banks have the highest levels of digital trust among consumers  2021/03/19 16:00:00 Business Insider
Summary List Placement This is a preview of Business Insider Intelligence's US Banking Digital Trust Report 2020 . The full report will be available to Business Insider Intelligence enterprise clients in late April. To learn more about this report, email Business Insider Intelligence Client Services at . The US banks with the highest levels of digital trust in 2020 are PNC, Chase, and Citibank, according to Business Insider Intelligence's inaugural Banking Digital Trust study. Digital trust is the confidence that consumers place in their banks' digital channels — and that confidence is more important now than ever. As the coronavirus pandemic sparks branch closures , digital banking outages , and fraud schemes , trust is being put to the test on multiple levels. Building digital trust could unlock valuable benefits for banks, including increased satisfaction, engagement, and customer lifetime value. Respondents who rated their bank above average in digital trust ratings considered themselves likely to open their next account at the bank at more than twice the rate of those with low trust (22.6% versus 10.4%).