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   Eddie Van Halen's Ferrari being auctioned  2020/11/24 19:29:20 Fox News
A Ferrari once owned by Eddie Van Halen is coming up for auction. The black 2000 550 Maranello was customized to drive on the track.
   Race Oncology, Analytica shares rise after results; Race up 3,500pc in 16 months - Stockhead  2020/11/24 01:09:59 Stockhead
Race Oncology (ASX:RAC) and Analytica (ASX:ALT) both rallied off the back of positive data that validated their respective signature asset.
   Trump's old Ferrari, Rolls-Royce to roll across the auction block  2020/11/23 15:11:52 Fox News
A pair of President Trump's old cars are being auctioned in his home state of Florida in January. The 2007 Ferrari F430 and 2010 Rolls-Royce Phantom were previously sold for $270G and $145G.
   RockRose entrepreneur comes back to excite the Ferrari driving City crowd  2020/11/23 10:28:43 Evening Standard
Power investors ask, can Andrew Austin do it again?
   Ferrari pulled over when police notice something is missing  2020/11/22 17:05:38 Leicestershire Live
He admitted straight away he was in the wrong
   Knicks could steal ‘Bad Boy’ Isaiah Stewart in NBA Draft  2020/11/09 23:33:14 New York Post
Isaiah Stewart, a throwback 6-foot-9 forward out of upstate Rochester, isn’t the type who aspires to drive a fancy sports car. But his University of Washington head coach, Mike Hopkins, thinks Stewart is already a Ferrari — comparing his ferocious play to the Clippers’ Montrezl Harrell. “He’s got a motor like a Ferrari,’’ Hopkins told…
   Ferrari’s (NYSE:RACE) Financial Strength Will Continue to Grow - Live Trading News  2020/11/07 16:48:46 Live Trading News
#Ferrari $RACE Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) the iconic Italian sports-car maker produced another stellar financial report this wk, the share price broke the Strong overhead resistance at 200 and long investors are happy. Ferrari’s share price says it is classed as a luxury goods purveyor, rather than a car company, and involvement in F1 racing does not […]
   New York Times Praises Twitter and Facebook for Design Changes to Aid Censorship  2020/11/06 18:25:39 Breitbart News
The New York Times praises social media firms Facebook and Twitter for censoring posts from President Trump during the 2020 presidential election. According to the Times, the social media companies added "friction" to their interfaces leading up to the election, "as if Ferrari had realized that it could only stop its cars from crashing by replacing the engines with go-kart motors."
   News24.com | WATCH | Abandoned luxury cars wait for new owners in Dubai scrapyard  2020/11/06 12:43:54 News24
Hundreds of luxury cars, such as Bentley, Ferrari and Mercedes, are being collected at a scrapyard in Dubai. The vehicles were either abandoned after an accident or due to financial difficulties.
   Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) Has Unparalleled Earnings Potential - Live Trading News  2020/11/05 12:02:52 Live Trading News
#Ferrari #earnings #Aristocrat $RACE $UBS UBS (NYSE:UBS) reiterated is high conviction Buy rating on Ferrari (NYSE:RACE) after Tuesday’s earnings smasher. “Ferrari’s unparalleled earnings and cash flow visibility should be even better appreciated during times of uncertainty, with FY guidance now raised to the Top end of the range. Management flagged strong order book and long […]
   Ferraris don't have a 100 percent electric future: CEO  2020/11/04 21:45:49 Entrepreneur
"I really don't see Ferrari ever going 100 percent electric and it certainly won't go 50 percent as long as I'm alive," announced Louis Camilleri.
   Ferrari Earnings Mark A Win For Internal Combustion Engines And An Auto Industry Recovery  2020/11/04 17:55:00 Zero Hedge
Ferrari Earnings Mark A Win For Internal Combustion Engines And An Auto Industry Recovery Tyler Durden Wed, 11/04/2020 - 12:55 While the rest of the world is focused on banning internal combustion engines, one manufacturer seems to be showing that demand for them is still robust: Ferrari. The luxury automaker, whose CEO this week said he didn't think the company would ever completely give up on internal combustion engines, posted a surprise earnings beat on Tuesday morning that sent its stock soaring 7% during the session. And the company's earnings weren't just a signal that the market isn't done embracing ICE vehicles; it was also a statement that the automotive recovery, at least among the super-rich, is in full swing. After all, people have to spend their newly-printed PPP money somewhere, right? The company posted $1.08 per share in earnings on $1 billion in sales on Tuesday morning. The company's bottom line beat analyst expectations, which were set at 96 cents, and the top line met expectations.
   Ferrari remains shy on electric cars, CEO doesn't ever expect all-electric lineup - Roadshow  2020/11/04 15:16:54 CNET
The Italian marque's CEO said Ferrari may not even achieve a 50% electric lineup, at least in his lifetime.
   A Ferrari May Be Less Polluting Than You Think  2020/11/04 14:06:22 The Washington Post
The gas-guzzling sportscar is driven much less than humble alternatives like the Golf. That doesn’t mean its maker can ignore the switch to electric.
   Ferrari stock soars as CEO says company has no plans to go electric  2020/11/03 18:37:51 New York Post
Ferrari’s shares are firing on all cylinders — and its cars will be guzzling gas for the foreseeable future. The Italian luxury automaker’s…