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   Influencer to criminal: the rise and fall of Instagram star Hushpuppi  2020/09/19 23:21:57 New York Post
The Instagram show-off known as “Hushpuppi” tooled around the world in a Ferrari and a Maybach, ordered crates of champagne at nightclubs and sported $150,000 diamond-festooned wristwatches. He claimed his luggage traveled in its own Rolls-Royce. He kept warm on private jets by covering himself in a Louis Vuitton blanket. Boasting about his wealth while…
   The Trump campaign has cut travel on Air Force One for its staff as it copes with a spending crisis  2020/09/19 14:18:29 Business Insider
Summary List Placement The Trump campaign has stopped flying almost all of its staff on Air Force One with the president as it tries to salvage an operation beset by wild spending, advisers to the reelection effort told Insider. Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien cut the flights for staff after he took control in July as part of a broader review of the runaway spending under his predecessor, Brad Parscale. Stepien and senior media strategist Jason Miller are the only staffers now flying regularly on Air Force One. Too many campaign staffers were catching rides on Air Force One, an expensive flight compared to flying commercial, one Trump adviser said. The campaign has to reimburse the government for each of its employees who ride on the presidential jet. The bills can add up quickly with frequent travel to rallies. Before Stepien took control, staff including Parscale, then-campaign press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, and an entourage of six to eight other employees would often fly Air Force One to Trump's rallies.
   The new Ferrari Portofino M is a more hardcore version of the automaker's stylish grand tourer (RACE)  2020/09/19 12:58:00 Business Insider
Summary List Placement Ferrari took the unprecedented step of revealing its Portofino M entirely online last week, a consequence of the global coronavirus pandemic tamping down some of the usual autumn hooplas around new vehicles. Undaunted, Ferrari said that circumstances meant the Portofino M would symbolize rediscovery for Maranello. And while the Portofino M isn't a radical departure for the Prancing Horse, the entry-level, grand-touring convertible has been upgraded in some notable areas. The big one is a bump up in horsepower for the 3.9-liter, twin-turbocharged V8, to 612 horsepower from 591 horsepower. The M-for- modificata (meaning "modified") action continues with a new eight-speed gearbox and the additional of Race mode to the famous manettino on the steering wheel. Ferrari said in a statement that this is a first for one of its GT car, and the addition is intended to provide owners with maximum driving excitement. The eight-speed is notable because Ferrari said it enhances fuel economy, and the Italian automaker has been busy positioning its lineup to be better able to deal with future regulations that might challenge the brand's embrace of horsepower — and its disregard for how much fill-ups are costing owners, or for whether the company is future-proofing its machines against global warming.
   I hate to say it, but Ferrari's new convertible is worth every penny  2020/09/19 12:24:06 CNN
If ever in your life you have the opportunity to drive a Ferrari, you should take it. Ferraris are, by and large, a special combination of power and speed smoothed over with a level of refinement other supercars can't quite match.
   Ride along in the latest Ferrari convertible  2020/09/18 21:21:16 CNN
A good Ferrari can be one of Italy's finest works of art. CNN Business' Peter Valdes-Dapena got to take the latest $300,000 Ferrari F8 Spider for a test drive.
   Lewis Hamilton wins crash-hit Tuscan Grand Prix to extend world title lead  2020/09/13 16:40:36 CNN
Lewis Hamilton won a chaotic Tuscan Grand Prix at Mugello on Sunday marked by two spectacular multi-car collisions and a miserable afternoon for Ferrari in its 1,000th Formula One race.
   Lewis Hamilton wins dramatic Tuscan Grand Prix – live reaction!  2020/09/13 15:59:12 The Guardian
Lap-by-lap report: Will Ferrari drag themselves off the floor for an unlikely and emotional win at their home track? Join Rob Bleaney now
   Tuscan Grand Prix 2020 F1 live: latest updates from Ferrari's 1000th F1 championship race  2020/09/13 14:30:00 The Telegraph
Bottas hit a bit of traffic there.
   Ferrari celebrate 1,000th race with pride, pain and a Schumacher  2020/09/13 13:50:24 Channel NewsAsia
REUTERS: Ferrari celebrated their 1,000th Formula One world championship race on Sunday with passion, pride and pain - and a Schumacher as Michael's son Mick drove his father's 2014 car around the team's Mugello circuit. Ferrari, the only team to have competed in every season since the first in …
   F1: Tuscan Grand Prix 2020 – live!  2020/09/13 12:17:59 The Guardian
Live updates from the first ever F1 GP race at Mugello Piero Ferrari: ‘His heritage remains … the DNA is still there’ F1 salutes ‘iconic’ Ferrari and team’s 1,000th race Why not drop Rob an email 12.14pm BST When Formula One gave Mugello its first grand prix, no one expected Ferrari would arrive at their home track in such disarray. They’ve not registered a point in the last two races; Charles Leclerc is seventh in the championship while Sebastian Vettel is 13th; the team are sixth in the constructors’ standings behind Racing Point and Renault; and when Vettel announced this week he had signed with Aston Martin from next season, he revealed things had got so bad at Ferrari he had considered retiring. But sport is nothing without hope and on Saturday in qualifying Leclerc injected the home fans with a huge dose of it. The Monégasque will start the Tuscan Grand Prix fifth on the grid after surpassing all expectations and he will have support in the stands, with some fans allowed back for the first time this season.
   Schumacher in dad's Ferrari at Mugello  2020/09/09 22:40:58 Seven News
Ferrari's 1,000th Formula One championship race celebrations at the Tuscan GP will include Mick Schumacher driving his father Michael's 2004 car at Mugello.
   Formula 1: Mick Schumacher to drive father's 2004 Ferrari at Mugello  2020/09/09 21:56:01 Channel NewsAsia
Mick Schumacher will drive his father Michael's 2004 Ferrari around the Mugello circuit on Sunday ahead of a Tuscan Grand Prix celebrating the Italian team's 1,000th Formula One championship race.
   Motor racing: Mick Schumacher to drive father's 2004 Ferrari at Mugello  2020/09/09 21:35:35 Investing.com
   Mick Schumacher to drive father's 2004 Ferrari at Mugello  2020/09/09 21:35:18 Channel NewsAsia
Mick Schumacher will drive his father Michael's 2004 Ferrari around the Mugello circuit on Sunday ahead of a Tuscan Grand Prix celebrating the Italian team's 1,000th Formula One championship race.
   New York Indoor-Dining To Resume Sept 30th, Cuomo Urges Citizens To Snitch On Violators  2020/09/09 17:24:56 Zero Hedge
New York Indoor-Dining To Resume Sept 30th, Cuomo Urges Citizens To Snitch On Violators Tyler Durden Wed, 09/09/2020 - 13:24 Just days after a large group on New York restaurateurs filed a lawsuit against Cuomo and De Blasio over the ongoing COVID lockdowns, the Governor just announced that indoor-dining will be allowed (at 25% capacity) starting on September 30th. The restaurant owners exclaimed: “We’ve been patient, the numbers are fantastic, the COVID statistics, we don’t know what more we could do,” said one business owner. “This is a lawsuit. We don’t wanna do this. This is not us, we are workers. We work 100 hours a week. It’s not a luxurious lifestyle. I have waiters; none of them drove here in a Ferrari today.” And now they can open - but who decided that 25% capacity was the right number? why not 30% or 50%? “Because compliance is better, we can now take the next step,” the governor said. Additional restrictions would also be placed on restaurants and their patrons, including a requirement to wear face coverings when not seated.