Esta es la nueva cámara Alpha 1 de Sony  2021/02/05 21:43:58 El Universal
Sony Electronics, ha anunciado la llegada de la nueva y revolucionaria cámara de fotograma completo sin espejo Alpha 1, con grandes expectativas entre los seguidores profesionales que tienen a Alpha como una de las líneas de cámaras más completas y robustas del mercado.
   PS5 UK stock shortages explained: Another reason why fans are struggling to buy a PS5  2021/02/05 14:41:09 Daily Express
PLAYSTATION 5 stock shortages are a big problem right now, as Sony struggles to find the components to fulfil orders.
   Sony Sports Announces Ground Breaking Deal with Pakistan Cricket Board  2021/02/05 14:07:39 Business Review
Sony Pictures Networks India has signed a three-year broadcasting deal with the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), making them the fifth cricket board to do so and rounding out an increasingly impressive-looking cricket portfolio. The deal gives Sony the right to broadcast all of Pakistan’s home international Tests, One-Day Internationals, and T20-Internationals as well as […] The post Sony Sports Announces Ground Breaking Deal with Pakistan Cricket Board appeared first on Business Review .
   How Alix Diaconis creates video for The Verge  2021/02/05 13:00:00 The Verge
Alix Diaconis is one of the directors and creators who helps make video magic for The Verge on YouTube and other venues. We talked to Alix about what she does and what tools she uses, such as Canon and Sony cameras and Adobe Premiere Pro.
   Leak says Apple’s first mixed-reality headset will cost $3,000  2021/02/04 20:52:40 BGR
A new report lists the purported price and release date of Apple’s upcoming high-end mixed-reality (MR) glasses. The headset will supposedly retail for around $3,000 in 2022. The device will reportedly use cameras to track the wearer's hands, while internal sensors track eye movements. The headset is said to feature two 8K displays that will follow the eyes' movement, displaying the images that are in focus at high resolution, with objects in peripheral vision being shown at a lower resolution. Apple has been rumored more than once to be developing its own smart headgear that would work in tandem with other devices, like the iPhone or a Mac. The so-called Apple Glasses project has been the subject of various rumors in recent weeks. They’re expected to be augmented reality (AR) glasses similar to regular glasses that would overlay digital content from the iPhone on top of the real-life field of view. But Apple is also exploring virtual reality (VR) and developing a device that could offer a high-end VR experience, well beyond what’s available from most consumer VR headsets that are centered on gaming.