The 7 Best Stocks to Buy for This “Non-Recession Recession”  2023/06/06 01:22:07 InvestorPlace
We have been under the threat of recession for more than a year. While the Federal Reserve has attempted to help, inflation remains stubbornly high. And unfortunately, Americans are strained. However, there’s still opportunity to be found in some of the best stocks for non-recession recession. NVDA Nvidia $391.71 GOOG GOOGL Alphabet $126.63 PM Philip Morris $90.05 DE Deere $363.65 BF-B Brown-Forman $63.08 AXP American Express $167.43 DG Dollar General $158.87 Nvidia (NVDA) Source: Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA ) is the clearest choice among stocks to buy if we don’t experience a major downturn. The firm once famous for GPUs and more recently known for AI has taken off in 2023. By now, it’s old news that Nvidia is the best AI stock of 2023. Even prior to Q1 earnings NVDA shares more than doubled, moving from $124 to $305. Then, on May 24 the company released earnings that included guidance that blew previous expectations out of the water. Sales for Q2 are now forecast to reach $11 billion , well ahead of the $ 7.2 billion Wall Street had been expecting.
   7 Growth Stocks to Sell in June Before They Crash and Burn  2023/06/06 00:48:16 InvestorPlace
Figuring out which growth stocks to sell may be the last thing on your mind right now. After all, rising hopes for a pivot on interest rates by the Federal Reserve, plus secular growth trends such as accelerating adoption of artificial intelligence (or AI) have provided a massive boost for shares in fast-growing companies lately. However, even as the high-fliers are flying high once again, now may be the time to start erring on the side of caution. Following big ramp-ups in price, there are now plenty of overvalued growth stocks. Besides the fact that it’s not a lock that a “Fed pivot” happens , and the possibility that the market has put the cart before the horse with its “AI mania,” there are other factors that could knock some or all of them down to lower prices from here. Taking a look at scores of names trading at premium valuations due to high growth expectations, I have found seven that stand out as growth stocks to sell. Many of them may only be at risk of a moderate correction, but some of them could experience serious price declines.
   7 Monthly Dividend Stocks to Buy in June for a Passive Income Stream  2023/06/06 00:34:40 InvestorPlace
Investing in monthly dividend stocks could prove to be invaluable. In fact, these financial vehicles can potentially serve as a lucrative source of recurring passive income. Better, with their predictable 30-day payout schedule, these stocks stand in stark contrast to their quarterly counterparts. A handful of these reliable monthly stocks offer a substantial yield and promise of potential share upside should the market rally continue. Therefore, investing in the best passive income dividend stocks could be a primary income source. In addition, they can help quell concerns over market instability, ensuring a steady inflow of dividends month after month. That said; let’s explore seven of the top monthly dividend stocks to buy. Monthly Dividend Stocks to Buy: Realty Income ( O ) Source: Dmitry Lobanov/ Realty Income (NYSE: O ) is one of the most high-quality real estate investment trusts to consider. At the moment, it offers monthly dividends to its stockholders amidst a wavering market landscape.
   3 Ugly Stocks That Actually Hide Beautiful Potential  2023/06/06 00:17:38 InvestorPlace
While the market theoretically prices in all publicly available information for all securities, the sheer volume of opportunities available breathe life into underrated stocks with potential. Put another way, the below enterprises are Wall Street’s equivalent of brown guacamole. As I like to say, they’re brown on the outside, sound on the inside. Just like that box of loaded carne asada fries that you put in the refrigerator last night, you know that the guac is good. It’s been less than 24 hours since you put those bad boys in the fridge. Of course, the hesitation is that the leftovers look rotten. That’s the same idea with the below hidden gem stocks. They may be printed red ink on the charts but the underlying fundamentals ring solid. Now, with brown guacamole, eating it helps you avoid wasting food, which is good but not particularly profitable. On the other hand, acquiring overlooked stocks for investment may lead to significant gains. S SentinelOne $12.77 BNTX BioNTech $108.73 VLN Valens Semiconductor $2.29 SentinelOne (S) Source: PX Media / Shutterstock On paper, SentinelOne (NYSE: S ) doesn’t seem to be one of the underrated stocks with potential.
   The 3 Safest Mutual Funds to Buy Now  2023/06/06 00:09:59 InvestorPlace
For investors worried about a possible downturn, the below list of safest mutual funds may provide some much-needed confidence. According to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), “[a] mutual fund is a company that pools money from many investors and invests the money in securities such as stocks, bonds, and short-term debt.” Among the reasons that people consider the best mutual funds include professional management, diversification, and affordability. Because fund managers conduct market research on your behalf, participants enjoy a set-it-and-forget-it framework. As well, investors can enjoy a wide range of opportunities at a relatively low dollar amount. Finally, the present jitters in the capital markets prioritize wealth protection. If you’re looking to make it through this inning as opposed to swinging for homers, the below secure mutual funds to buy may allow you to sleep better at night. STSEX Blackrock Exchange Portfolio $1,836.46 PRDGX T. Rowe Price Dividend Growth Fund $66.00 VWESX Vanguard Long-Term Investment-Grade Fund $7.93 BlackRock Exchange Portfolio (STSEX) Source: Mentari Merah Studio / Shutterstock Easily one of the top-rated examples of the safest mutual funds, the BlackRock Exchange Portfolio (MUTF: STSEX ) seeks long-term growth of capital and consequent long-term growth of income, per its prospectus .
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   Why Are Chinese Stocks BABA, BILI, IQ Up Today?  2022/12/02 17:25:33 InvestorPlace
Source: Sean Pavone / Shutterstock Chinese stocks are climbing higher on Friday as investors continue to hope that the country will ease off of Covid-19 restrictions . China remains one of the few countries in the world still holding firm to lockdowns and restrictions due to the pandemic. However, that’s been weighing on its economy for some time and is causing problems. There’s been increasing talk lately that China will abandon its Zero Covid policy in favor of a full reopening. While that hasn’t happened yet, the country is moving forward with vaccination and booster shots ahead of a potential reopening. When Will China Reopen? Current forecasts have China reopening in the first half of 2023 . This isn’t an official outline from the Chinese government. Instead, it’s expectations from experts as they predict the country will slowly loosen restrictions in the coming months. And those predictions are doing wonders for Chinese stocks today. Several shares are on the rise as investors regain hope that lockdowns in the country will come to an end soon.
   Apple Buying More Twitter Ads Despite Elon Musk Claims: Report  2022/11/30 21:17:13 Techtelegraph
Photo: XanderSt (Shutterstock) On Monday, Elon Musk picked a public fight with Apple, accusing the company of freezing its advertising on Twitter and wondering aloud if the alleged pause was because “they hate free speech in America.” In fact, Apple spent $84,615 on Twitter ads that very same day, according to data from Pathmatics, a […] The post Apple Buying More Twitter Ads Despite Elon Musk Claims: Report appeared first on TECHTELEGRAPH .
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   Shutterstock falls as JMP Securities downgrades, citing increased competition from AI  2022/11/28 13:20:58 Seeking Alpha
Shutterstock (SSTK) shares fell on Monday as investment firm JMP Securities downgraded the stock photography provider, citing an increase in competition from generative…
   SNDL Stock: 3 Key Things to Watch When SNDL Reports Earnings  2022/08/08 20:42:46 InvestorPlace
Source: Shutterstock On Aug. 12, SNDL (NASDAQ: SNDL ) will report its second-quarter earnings after the market close. Last month, the Canada-based marijuana company received approval from shareholders to complete a 1-for-10 reverse stock split , which it has since enacted. The company conducted the reverse split in order to stay in compliance with Nasdaq requirements. Now, shareholders have even more news to watch ahead. Reverse splits reduce the number of shares outstanding to increase the price per share. However, this does not fundamentally change anything about the company. Following the reverse split, there are now 237.9 million common shares of SNDL stock outstanding. In addition to the split, shareholders also approved the company’s name change from “Sundial” to “SNDL” last month. The company will publicize more details on the rebranding once it releases earnings. SNDL recently announced that Chief Administrative Officer David Gordey has stepped down as well. With that in mind, let’s take a look at three key metrics investors will want to watch out for in SNDL’s upcoming earnings.
   7 Short-Term Stocks to Buy for a Quick Profit  2022/08/08 20:32:19 InvestorPlace
While most people don’t like to see red ink in their investment portfolios, at the same time, that negative print comes from volatility — and volatility in either direction presents opportunities for short-term stocks to buy for a quick profit. Here, the narrative isn’t necessarily about finding a great company on discount. Rather, it’s to scalp some favorable pricing action and get some fast cash in your pocket. Though some short-term stocks to buy for a quick profit may turn out to be winners over the long haul, the framework we’ll be utilizing is geared specifically for pure speculation and trading. In other words, you don’t want to get too hung up on the fundamentals of the underlying firms. To paraphrase what Harrison Ford told a young Mark Hamill , this isn’t that type of an investment. Instead, we’re dealing largely with leveraging mass human emotions to facilitate some money on the go. Therefore, if you have the nerve, here are interesting ideas for short-term stocks to buy for a quick profit.
   7 Cheap Lithium Stocks to Buy for Big Upside  2022/08/08 20:31:46 InvestorPlace
Investors watched electric vehicle (EV) stocks rise monumentally through the pandemic only to taper off as the realities facing the sector continue to take shape. Slump considered, it’s fair to conclude that electric vehicles are here to stay — as well as the cheap lithium stocks whose products are key to EV manufacturing. In fact, a recent statistic points to the fact that EVs now comprise more than 5% of the automotive market share. That’s an important number because to many, it represents something of a tipping point. That means EVs are likely to be a permanent fixture in the automotive industry regardless of individual opinion. That brings us to lithium, a dominant material in the manufacturing of electric vehicles. Given that EVs are here to stay, lithium stocks are pick-and-shovel investments worth considering. Let’s jump into the equities in the sector that have upside and strong market positions. LAC Lithium Americas Company $28.72 SLI Standard Lithium $5.90 ALB Albemarle $246.
   The 7 Most Undervalued Value Stocks to Buy Now  2022/08/08 19:55:53 InvestorPlace
Value stocks are always a sensible class of equities to consider as an investment. It’s all about finding stocks that are believed to be trading below where they should be based on fundamental metrics. Identifying value is part science and part art. The science requires calculating metrics that determine a given stock’s fundamentals. Basically, anything that can be measured can be considered fundamental. Price-to-earnings (P/E) ratios, revenue, net income, earnings per share (EPS), the list goes on and on. The art is the subjective area of identifying value stocks. It’s really about taking those objective fundamental metrics and subjectively qualifying them as representing “value.” That’s what this list is all about. These are companies with objective metrics that make them appear subjectively undervalued. In other words, these are strong investment opportunities. Let’s take a look at these seven undervalued value stocks. WMT Walmart $127.58 URI United Rentals $322.66 ALLY Ally Financial $33.49 ABBV AbbVie $140.51 VLO Valero $106.38 INTC Intel $35.40 META Meta Platforms $170.43 Undervalued Value Stocks: Walmart (WMT) Source: Sundry Photography / Walmart (NYSE: WMT ) stock might not be in such a bad place at the moment.
   GBT Stock Alert: Pfizer Is Officially Acquiring Global Blood Therapeutics  2022/08/08 16:12:51 InvestorPlace
Source: ra2 studio/Shutterstock Last week, Global Blood Therapeutics (NASDAQ: GBT ) stock was thrust into the spotlight on reports of a potential buyout bid from Pfizer (NYSE: PFE ). Today, though, Pfizer has officially disclosed that it will buy the company for $5.4 billion . Now, GBT stock is moving more than 4% higher this morning. Global Blood Therapeutics mainly develops treatments for sickle cell disease (SCD). The company’s flagship product is Oxbryta, which “directly targets the root cause” of SCD. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has already approved Oxbryta for use. Last week, The Wall Street Journal reported that Pfizer was “in advanced talks” to buy out Global Blood Therapeutics “for about $5 billion.” That report, while not a full confirmation of the buyout, was enough to send GBT stock higher. Some folks might have worried, though, that this would be an instance of “buy the rumor, sell the news.” However, the GBT stock bulls are still clearly in control after Pfizer officially sealed the deal on the acquisition.