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   Tesla may start mining lithium as electric car maker’s CEO Musk cites surging metal price for assembling battery packs  2022/04/09 08:01:38 South China Morning Post
Lithium is a key component in electric vehicle batteries and so automakers are racing to secure supplies, expecting surge in demand amid a global push for the electrification of transportation.
   Elon Musk says humans could eventually download their brains into robots — and Grimes thinks Jeff Bezos would do it  2022/04/09 05:21:25 Kwhen Finance
   Tesla is considering getting into Lithium mining  2022/04/09 00:32:13 Drive Tesla Canada
Elon Musk tweeted out earlier this afternoon that Tesla might have to get into the business of mining and refining lithium. Musk replied to a World of Statistics tweet that noted the massive increase lithium […] The post Tesla is considering getting into Lithium mining appeared first on Drive Tesla .
   Elon Musk: Tesla Might get into Lithium Mining, Reveals Price of Battery Component jumped to Insane Levels  2022/04/08 23:20:00 Tech Times USA
Elon Musk reacted to a tweet that shared Lithium''s price over the years, and the tech CEO revealed that Tesla might mine for the battery component soon.
   Hillicon Valley — Musk to hold Q&A with Twitter staff  2022/04/08 22:07:25 The Hill
Tesla CEO Elon Musk will hold a question-and-answer session with Twitter staff after some internal criticism was raised following the news of his appointment to the company’s board of directors. Meanwhile, Microsoft said it disrupted a Russian cyberattack that was targeting Ukraine, the U.S. and the European Union. This is Hillicon Valley, detailing all…
   Top barrister denies he broke the law by using his phone  2021/10/03 15:37:26 Daily Mail Online
Dominic D''Souza, a leading criminal barrister at Goldsmith Chambers in London, posted a photo from inside his electric Tesla car appearing to show him travelling at 59mph.
   Tesla hints at potential Texas HQ in Q3 2021 delivery and production report  2021/10/03 15:04:07 Teslarati
With a production of approximately 238,000 cars and deliveries of over 240,000 vehicles, the third quarter of 2021 was undoubtedly one for Teslas history books. But within the companys Q3 2021 vehicle production and delivery report came a rather interesting update Teslas investor communications are no longer coming from California. They are now coming [] The post Tesla hints at potential Texas HQ in Q3 2021 delivery and production report appeared first on TESLARATI .
   Tesla Posts Record Deliveries Of 241,300 In Q3  2021/10/03 15:00:00 Zero Hedge
Tesla Posts Record Deliveries Of 241,300 In Q3 One way or another , Tesla deliveries continue to set records. Even though the company''s relationship with Beijing has been under the microscope for the better part of 2021, Tesla was still able to report record deliveries for Q3 2021. Almost all of the deliveries came from the company''s Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, as its Model X and Model S sales continue to phase out. The automaker delivered 241,300 cars worldwide, beating both the company''s previous record of 201,250 and consensus estimates for the quarter, which were at 223,667. The number also beat the average projection of 221,952 that Tesla provided to its investors. After announcing the numbers on Saturday, Tesla stated: "We would like to thank our customers for their patience as we work through global supply chain and logistics challenges." A meaningful portion of Tesla''s production comes from China, where Elon Musk''s relationship with the government has been tense at times. However, over the last few months, Musk has spoken at several Chinese technology conferences and has praised the country for its advances in technology and electric vehicles.
   Tesla CEO Elon Musk: It is not possible for governments to destroy cryptocurrencies  2021/10/03 14:12:00 The Financial Express
"A lot of South China right now is having random power outages because the power demand is higher than expected. Crypto mining might be playing a role in that," Tesla CEO Elon Musk said on the crypto situation in China.
   Should My Investment Portfolio Include Bitcoin?  2021/10/03 13:45:31 Kalkine Media
Highlights The global market capitalisation of all cryptocurrencies is US$1.93 trillion of which Bitcoin is US$820.51 billion US$100 invested in Bitcoin in June 2011, which was then priced at US$32, would now be worth around US$144,000 How much the percentage of an investors portfolio should be assigned to Bitcoin is up for debate. Most financial experts who are pro Bitcoin advise up to 5% while some say only 1% A question often posed by those looking to get a decent return on their money is: whats a good investment asset? Offer up Bitcoin as a suggestion and many people will scrunch their noses as if theyve just been offered a warm glass of horses milk. Bitcoin definitely has a stigma when it comes to selecting a viable asset to put ones money into. Unlike property and the share market, its considered a rogue option. A wild card thats akin to putting your money onto a roulette table, closing your eyes and hoping for the best. At this point, is Bitcoin really a bad option when it comes to serious long-term investing?
   Teslas mobile robotics manager posts new batch of Tesla Bot job openings  2021/09/01 06:55:00 Teslarati
Teslas manager for Mobile Robotics, Chris Walti, recently invited skilled engineers and technicians to apply at Tesla and get the opportunity to work on the companys humanoid robot program. Tesla announced its plans to produce the Tesla Bot during AI Day. The company isnt wasting any time making the Tesla Bot prototype based on its [] The post Teslas mobile robotics manager posts new batch of Tesla Bot job openings appeared first on TESLARATI .
   Cathie Wood''s Ark Looks To Launch New ETF Centered On ''Transparency,'' Featuring Tesla, Apple  2021/09/01 06:40:59 Benzinga
Cathie Wood s investment management firm Ark Invest is preparing to debut a new exchange-traded fund focused on transparency, Bloomberg News reported on Tuesday. What Happened: Arks Transparency ETF will largely have exposure in tech and consumer firms such as Salesforce.com Inc (NYSE: CRM ), Tesla Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA ), Apple Inc (NASDAQ: AAPL ), and Nike Inc (NYSE: NKE ) among others, as Full story available on Benzinga.com
   China Tech Digest: Tesla Seeks Cooperation In China For 4680 Battery Cell; Geelys Lotus Cars Announces Relocation Of Global Headquarters To Wuhan  2021/09/01 01:35:14 China Money Network
Tesla seeks cooperation in China for 4680 battery cell Tesla has begun to look for cooperative manufacturers in China for 4680 large cylindrical batteries. In addition to the original battery suppliers CATL and LG Chem, Tesla also negotiated with EVE Energy and other battery manufacturers. One of the ways of cooperation currently being discussed is, [] China Tech Digest: Tesla Seeks Cooperation In China For 4680 Battery Cell; Geelys Lotus Cars Announces Relocation Of Global Headquarters To Wuhan comes from China Money Network : Primary Data for China''s Primary Markets! All Rights Reserved.
   10 stocks Reddits Wall Street Bets traders have on their radar  2021/09/01 01:22:45 Kalkine Media
Highlights Reddits Wall Street Bets forum is again having a discussion on a few stocks which investors are keeping an eye on. This time, there are some big names such as AMC, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Tesla, etc. Blindly following the crowd could even lead to huge losses, therefore traders need to do their own due diligence before investing. Reddits Wall Street Bets is an online forum which is famous for retail traders who try to come together to take synchronized bets on target stocks. Earlier this year, these traders became famous for bringing down some of the hedge funds on the brink of collapse. Image Source: Image Source: Copyright © 2021 Kalkine Media The epic rallies in Gamestop to AMC Entertainment led by massive buying force, these so-called meme stocks have made these Wall Street Bets traders a new buzz on the street. A stock grabbing the limelight in this forum is difficult to ignore especially for the newcomers in the stock market dreaming of another euphoric run. On that note, let us have a look at 10 stocks that are currently being talked about in the Wall Street Bets forum.
   Unauthorized Tesla entered Boring people-mover tunnels in June  2021/09/01 01:03:38 Las Vegas Review-Journal
A Tesla driver looking for a charging station breached the Las Vegas Convention Center Loop underground transit system in June, the LVCVA acknowledged Tuesday.