Want to study abroad?; Heres a recap of the International Centers Study Abroad Information Session  2021/09/30 17:00:42 UNF Spinnaker
UNFs International Center continues to host Study Abroad Information Sessions which give helpful information about the numerous opportunities abroad including university exchange programs, faculty-led programs, and internships. Students have lots of options regarding studying beyond the U.S. border, regardless of their major. Some of the benefits of doing so are enhancing language skills, learning more
   UNF students respond to DeSantiss announcement of eliminating standarized testing  2021/09/29 17:00:15 UNF Spinnaker
In mid-Sep. 2021, FL Governor DeSantis announced his Florida Assessment Thinking Plan to phase out Florida Standardized Assessments (FSAs) in FL schools. Met with support and opposition from either side of the aisle, Spinnaker reached out to its Instagram followers to hear their thoughts on this proposal. As shown above, the vast majority of respondents
   UNFs Unity Party  2021/09/29 15:00:07 UNF Spinnaker
Before the upcoming Senate election, the Unity party outlined its goals and initiatives for the future of Student Government (SG). Spinnaker spoke with Unity founders Nathaniel Rodefer and Kevin Luhrs. Unity chose their name to reflect their goal to create unity in SG. Regardless of party affiliation, Unity wants SG to work as one unit.
   Watch Ospreys test their might at UNF’s Battle of the Bands  2021/09/29 13:00:06 UNF Spinnaker
If you want to rock and roll it might be a long way to the top, but the first step to greatness is winning UNF’s Battle of the Bands at the UNF Coxwell Amphitheater this Thursday. Battle of the Bands ignites at 6 pm on Sep. 30, and one lucky group will rise out of…
   UNF library celebrates Banned Books week  2021/09/28 20:49:25 UNF Spinnaker
The UNF library started celebrating banned books week on Monday. This week-long celebration brings attention to the countless books that are often banned from local libraries for a multitude of reasons. According to the organizer of this weeks festivities, Maria Atilano, there are many reasons why certain books are frequently banned. Some of the reasons
   Ed Asner passes away, UNF students respond  2021/09/01 18:30:47 UNF Spinnaker
Last Sunday, beloved actor Ed Asner passed away at the age of 91. He was known for his roles in Cobra Kai, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and Up. Outside of acting, he was also a prominent activist. Spinnaker reached out to students on Instagram, asking them where they remembered him best from. The vast
   UNF sees large increase in COVID Cases  2021/08/30 14:02:20 UNF Spinnaker
UNF has seen a massive increase in COVID cases. Last week, there were over twice as many cases compared to the previous week. There was an increase in cases among off-campus students, on-campus students, and employees. Only one more on-campus case existed after last week, and only four more employee cases. The largest group that
   Judge rules against DeSantis mask mandate ban, UNF not yet issuing mask mandate  2021/08/27 18:48:12 UNF Spinnaker
A Florida judge decided Friday that Gov. DeSantiss mask mandate ban was unlawful. DeSantis had issued an executive order on July 30, 2021, forbidding schools from issuing mask mandates because they violated Floridians constitutional freedoms. Prior to this ruling, nearly ten school districts across Florida had decided to issue mandates regardless of DeSantiss order. Judge
   UNF COVID-19 cases see a slight decrease from previous weeks  2021/08/25 18:33:23 UNF Spinnaker
UNF saw 16 reported cases of COVID-19 amongst students, and 1 employee case last week, down from the previous weeks 18 student and five employee cases. Having nearly completed the first week of the Fall semester, UNF has already hit 48 COVID-19 cases reported by students alone and Sep. is still a week away. Screenshot
   Demoralized and helpless, UNF faculty afraid to return to campus, feel the university is not doing enough  2021/08/25 15:45:34 UNF Spinnaker
The fall semester has officially started and UNF is attempting to make a return to normalcy. The University has set a strong expectation for students to wear masks indoors, but has fallen short of completely requiring students to wear them. Instead, UNF is falling in line with Gov. DeSantis highly controversial executive order forbidding schools
   Crowley Maritime and UNF to establish Crowley Center for Transportation and Logistics  2021/06/27 08:55:12 Business Traffic
Crowley Maritime Corporation and the University of North Florida (UNF) have announced that Crowley has donated $2.5 million as an endowment gift for the creation and operation of a new center of excellence named the Crowley Center for Transportation and Logistics (CCTL). The center will reside in UNFs Coggin College of Business and utilize interdisciplinary faculty
   UNF professor gives insight into research of refugee youth and their experiences in America  2021/06/23 21:00:47 UNF Spinnaker
Earlier this week, Spinnaker met with UNF Assistant Professor Dr. Dilek Kayaalp to discuss her research with refugee youth in both Canada and the U.S. Since the 2000s, Dr. Kayaalp has been conducting critical ethnography research in different countries, in different contexts. While she was working on her masters pieces, she worked with her students
   Jags season tickets through SG are back!  2021/06/23 15:00:45 UNF Spinnaker
With a plethora of excitement surrounding the Jacksonville Jaguars going into the 2021 season, fans will be filling TIAA Bank Field this fall. Heres how you can be one of them. Through UNF Student Governments partnership with the Jaguars, UNF students will be able to snag tickets for the upcoming season at a discounted rate.
   Xos, Inc. Enters into Strategic Agreement with UniFirst  2021/06/23 12:00:00 Business Wire
LOS ANGELES--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Xos, Inc., a leading manufacturer of fully electric Class 5 to Class 8 commercial vehicles that recently announced a planned business combination with NextGen Acquisition Corporation (NASDAQ: NGAC, NextGen), today announced that they have signed an agreement to deliver three Xos electric step vans to UniFirst Corporation (NYSE: UNF) as a test program with potential for additional vehicle purchases for use across the United States. This effort is part of UniFirst
   EXCLUSIVE: Xos Enters Strategic Agreement With UniFirst For Electric Delivery Vehicles  2021/06/23 11:30:16 Benzinga
Xos announced a new agreement with UniFirst Corporation (NYSE: UNF ) on electric delivery vans Wednesday morning. What Happened: Xos Inc, which is merging with SPAC NextGen Acquisition Corp (NASDAQ: NGAC ), announced an initial agreement with UniFirst. Xos will deliver three electric step vans to UniFirst as part of a test program with the option for the customer to purchase additional vehicles. This partnership helps demonstrate Xoss ability to provide advanced commercial electric vehicles to large last-mile fleets, established uniform rental and workwear customers throughout North America, Xos Co-founder Full story available on Benzinga.com