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   Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband Market Still Has Room to Grow | Emerging Players AT'T, Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint , Leap Wireless, MetroPCS Communications  2020/10/17 19:03:51 OpenPR
An extensive elaboration of the (COVID-19 Version) Global Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband market strategy of the industry players in the precision of import/export consumption, supply and demand. The study starts with an introduction about the company/manufacturers profiling stating strategic concept
   Thoughts on Apple's "Hi, Speed" event: the iPhone 12 lineup, camera differences, missing chargers and earbuds, focus on 5G and Verizon CEO's cameo, more (John Gruber/Daring Fireball)  2020/10/17 17:30:02 Techmeme
John Gruber / Daring Fireball : Thoughts on Apple's “Hi, Speed” event: the iPhone 12 lineup, camera differences, missing chargers and earbuds, focus on 5G and Verizon CEO's cameo, more — Last month's “Time Flies” event for the Apple Watch Series 6 and new iPad Air was about an hour long; this week's “Hi, Speed” event ran just a bit longer at 70 minutes.
   A startup from four telecom veterans is launching from stealth with $30 million in funding to make it easy for companies to use private 5G networks for more secure work or complex automation  2020/10/17 17:15:00 Business Insider
Summary List Placement Big companies long anticipated the arrival of 5G private networks . While the promise of 5G networks is speedier connections, a private 5G network means more privacy and that a firm also wouldn't have to deal with anyone else using the network and slowing things down. This opens up a wealth of possibilities, like factories automating high-risk procedures without worrying about lag or hospitals sending sensitive medical information to labs securely. At the end of 2019, Deloitte analysts predicted that more than a hundred companies would experiment with private 5G networks by the end of this year. Companies like Ford and Honeywell are already testing them in their warehouses and factories to make processes more efficient. Now, a fresh-from-stealth startup called Celona wants to take a bite out of the 5G enterprise market, which market research firm Polaris estimates is worth $1.32 billion . The startup has raised a $30 million Series B round of funding for a slew of products that aims to make private 5G networks more easily accessible to factories, security firms, warehouses, and other enterprises.
   This Was the Worst Moment of the iPhone Event. Why It Was Actually a Brilliant Power Move by Apple  2020/10/17 04:00:00 Inc.
If Apple gets more people to buy iPhones by partnering more closely with Verizon, this move could end up looking brilliant.
   10 ways to boost your cellular signal and stay connected to your network  2020/10/16 20:25:00 Business Insider
Summary List Placement You probably hear the question, "How many bars do you have?" pretty often. Cell phone signals are an essential commodity these days, since it affects not just your ability to make phone calls, but also send text messages and even connect to the internet when you're away from Wi-Fi . Any number of factors can affect how well you can keep your phone connected, so here are 10 things you can do to troubleshoot and improve your cell signal. How to boost your cell signal Get out from behind materials that block your signal. Cell signals are easily blocked, and so if you find your signal is weak, solving the problem might be as simple as moving outdoors. Reboot your cellular radio. Sometimes your phone can get confused and fail to lock onto the best cell tower. If you suspect a problem, turn your phone's Airplane Mode on and off, or just restart the phone entirely. Change your location. Even if you're outdoors, tall buildings and large bodies of water can block signals, so move to a different spot or go to higher ground.
   5 major things to consider if you're thinking of upgrading to Google's Pixel 5 or Pixel 4a 5G  2020/10/02 17:52:31 Business Insider
Summary List Placement The five biggest things about the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G are Google's Android updates, the brand-new ultrawide camera, their surprisingly low price tags for new phone releases in 2020, better performance, and 5G. It's a mixed bag, however, especially with performance. The Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G don't have hardware inside that will impress those with higher expectations. For instance, 5G on its own isn't a good reason to upgrade. But, we're all keen to see the ultrawide camera from Google, which is known to make the best smartphone cameras. The Pixel 5 is only in the preorder phase now, and won't be released until October 29. Meanwhile, the Pixel 4a 5G won't be released until November 19. There's plenty of time for you to decide whether you should upgrade to either of these phones. Newly announced phones, same old question — should you upgrade? Here, we're talking about Google's Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G phones. I have my own thresholds as to when I finally decide to upgrade, and your criteria are probably different to mine.
   Verizon says it expanded its 4G LTE-based home internet service to 48 US states, but only in areas where it doesn't offer other broadband options or in-home 5G (Jay Peters/The Verge)  2020/10/02 02:35:04 Techmeme
Jay Peters / The Verge : Verizon says it expanded its 4G LTE-based home internet service to 48 US states, but only in areas where it doesn't offer other broadband options or in-home 5G — The service first launched in July in a select few markets — Verizon's 4G LTE-based home broadband service targeting rural communities …
   Verizon expands LTE Home Internet to 48 states - CNET  2020/10/01 20:42:00 CNET
The rural internet service is now live in 189 areas.
   The best Verizon phones available in October 2020  2020/10/01 19:02:32 TechRadar
Whether you want the best or are on a budget, we've found the best Verizon phone for you.
   The best Verizon Wireless plans in October 2020  2020/10/01 18:45:38 TechRadar
Here are the Verizon plans to offer the best of unlimited data, prepaid access, or even 5G.
   Verizon Named Official 5G Partner of the National Hockey League  2020/09/25 13:22:00 Yahoo Finance
Multi-year agreement names Verizon the Official Wireless Services Partner of the NHL in the U.S. Verizon will bring 5G & MEC innovation to U.S. NHL arenas and NHL fansBASKING RIDGE, N.J. and NEW YORK, Sept. 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Verizon and the National Hockey League (NHL®) are bringing the power
   AT&T: Heading Towards A Wash-Out (NYSE:T)  2020/09/25 00:20:30 Seeking Alpha
AT&T appears headed towards a wash-out moment down at $26. The stock already has a historically high dividend yield and spread with Verizon's dividend.
   Samsung signs up Verizon as first customer for indoor 5G gear  2020/09/24 13:05:23 Investing.com
   T-Mobile hits back at AT&T and Verizon after spectrum-hoarding accusations  2020/09/23 18:40:32 Ars Technica
Carrier battle heats up as FCC prepares to auction more spectrum.
   Sitetracker Announces Unprecedented AI Capabilities to Fuel Data-Driven Decision Making and Revenue Growth for Its Customers  2020/09/23 17:56:00 Business Wire
PALO ALTO, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sitetracker, the global standard for managing high-volume projects for infrastructure owners and operators like Verizon, Vodafone, SAC Wireless, and ChargePoint, is proud to announce that Sitetracker Artificial Intelligence (Sitetracker AI) is now available to all Sitetracker customers. Sitetracker AI is the only native predictive analytics and advanced data visualization tool available to critical infrastructure providers. Delivering proactive and predictive