MSFT - マイクロソフト (Microsoft Corporation) マイクロソフト



symbol MSFT
会社名 Microsoft Corporation (マイクロソフト)
分野(sector) Technology   ハイテク
産業(industry) Computer Software: Prepackaged Software  
業種 ソフトウェア   IT・通信(IT_Communications)
概要 事業概要 マイクロソフト(Microsoft Corporation)は技術会社である。同社は多様なソフトウェア製品、サービス、デバイスを開発・ライセンス供与・サポートする。同社は生産性・ビジネスプロセス事業、インテリジェントクラウド事業およびその他のパーソナルコンピューティング事業を運営する。同社の製品にはオペレーティングシステム、クロスデバイスの生産性アプリケーション、サーバーアプリケーション、ビジネスソリューションアプリケーション、デスクトップおよびサーバー管理ツール、ソフトウェア開発ツール、ビデオゲーム、コンピューターシステムインテグレーターと開発者のトレーニングと認定を含む。また、パーソナルコンピューター(PC)、タブレットゲームおよびエンターテインメントコンソール、電話機、その他のインテリジェントデバイス、関連アクセサリなど、クラウドベースの製品と統合されたデバイスの設計・製造・販売を行う。同社は顧客にソフトウェア、サービス、プラットフォーム、およびコンテンツを提供するクラウドベースのソリューションを含む一連のサービスを提供し、ソリューションサポートとコンサルティングサービスを提供する。   マイクロソフトは米国のソフトウエア大手。多様なコンピュ―タ向けにソフトウエアの開発、製造、ライセンス供与、サポ―トを展開。「ウィンドウズ」、サ―バ―、パソコン、OS、クライアントやサ―バ―環境向けアプリケ―ション、業務自動化・効率化アプリケ―ション、ソフトウエア開発ツ―ルに加え、家庭用ビデオゲ―ム機器、タブレットを提供。本社はワシントン州。   Microsoft Corp. engages in the development and support of software, services, devices, and solutions. It operates through the following business segments: Productivity and Business Processes; Intelligent Cloud; and More Personal Computing. The Productivity and Business Processes segment comprises products and services in the portfolio of productivity, communication, and information services of the company spanning a variety of devices and platform. The Intelligent Cloud segment refers to the public, private, and hybrid serve products and cloud services of the company which can power modern business. The More Personal Computing segment encompasses products and services geared towards the interests of end users, developers, and IT professionals across all devices. The firm also offers operating systems; cross-device productivity applications; server applications; business solution applications; desktop and server management tools; software development tools; video games; personal computers, tablets; gaming and entertainment consoles; other intelligent devices; and related accessories. The company was founded by Paul Gardner Allen and William Henry Gates III in 1975 and is headquartered in Redmond, WA.
本社所在地 One Microsoft Way Redmond WA 98052-6399 USA
代表者氏名 Bradford Lee Smith ブラッドフォードリースミス
代表者役職名 President Chief Legal Officer
電話番号 +1 425-882-8080
設立年月日 1975年
市場名 NASDAQ National Market System
ipoyear 1986年
従業員数 97535人
EBITDA EBITDA(百万ドル) 45319
終値(lastsale) 110.98
時価総額(marketcap) 851018757729.68
時価総額 時価総額(百万ドル) 833228.5
売上高 売上高(百万ドル) 110360
企業価値(EV) 企業価値(EV)(百万ドル) 780119.5
当期純利益 当期純利益(百万ドル) 30267
決算概要 決算概要 BRIEF: For the fiscal year ended 30 June 2018 Microsoft Corporation revenues increased 14% to $110.36B. Net income before extraordinary items increased 19% to $30.27B. Revenues reflect Productivity and Business Processes segment increase of 20% to $35.87B Intelligent Cloud segment increase of 18% to $32.22B More Personal Computing segment increase of 8% to $42.28B Other Countries segment increase of 20% to $54.43B.



   Apple to Participate in Meeting Advocating for Better Patient Access to Health Info  2020/01/25 00:44:59 Mac Rumors
Representatives for Apple and Microsoft will be participating in a meeting with the Carin Alliance that's focused on making it easier for patients to access and share their medical information, reports CNBC . The meeting will focus on efforts to push a rule change proposed by the Department of Health and Human Services that would promote medical data interoperability. Ricky Bloomfield, a member of Apple's health team who formerly served as Duke University's Director of Mobile Strategy, will participate in the meeting by phone, according to a list of attendees published today [ PDF ]. Those who are in support of the change want to modernize patient access to data, as it continues to be common for medical facilities to provide health records via CD or Fax, which makes it difficult for people to switch providers and healthcare systems. From a PDF describing talking points for the meeting: It's imperative to note how important and time sensitive aggregated health information across multiple provider and health plan systems can be for patients going through catastrophic events.
   YouTube just scored a major victory in its battle with Amazon's Twitch for esports supremacy, thanks to the company behind 'Call of Duty'  2020/01/24 22:36:53 Business Insider
Google and Activision Blizzard just announced a new multi-year partnership that will make Activision's popular esports broadcasts exclusive to YouTube. The deal follows a two-year, $90 million deal Activision Blizzard signed with Amazon's Twitch in January 2018 to make Twitch the official streaming platform of the Overwatch League, a professional gaming circuit with 20 international teams. Activision Blizzard will also use Google Cloud services to provide network infrastructure for its games. Activision says Google's cloud services will offer more stable connections for players around the world and provide more complex data analytics. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Google and Activision Blizzard have announced a multi-year deal that will make Activision's popular esports leagues exclusive to YouTube, and bring Activision's games to Google Cloud. Activision Blizzard is one of the largest video game makers in the world, with well-known franchises ranging from "Call of Duty" and "World of Warcraft" to "Candy Crush." More recently, the company has been investing millions into the growing esports industry, organizing leagues and competitions for professional gamers.
   AI Weekly: Calls for facial recognition moratorium highlight need for protection from surveillance tech  2020/01/24 21:02:30 VentureBeat
Facial recognition regulation talk by Microsoft and Google reignited debates over a moratorium this week, but strong protection from surveillance is needed.
   The COO of VMware explains the 3 things that will create 'a massive tsunami of opportunity' for the tech giant in 2020 (VMW)  2020/01/24 20:34:44 Business Insider
VMware COO Sanjay Poonen sat down with Business Insider at the World Economic Forum in Davos to discuss the three areas where he says the software giant expects to see "a massive tsunami of opportunity" this year. Poonen said he sees VMware playing a critical role in key cloud trends related to cybersecurity, cloud applications and the ongoing cloud migration, which he and many experts expect to accelerate in the coming years. VMware's technology helped make it a major player in cloud computing, and a valued partner of the cloud giants, Amazon, Microsoft and Google. "There is going to be a fair amount of workload that is moved to the cloud," he told Business Insider. "So this whole idea of migration, cloud migrations, and we are at the epicenter of that because we've been a very significant player. Click here for more BI Prime stories. VMware has a commanding presence in the cloud that Chief Operating Officer Sanjay Poonen expects to become even more formidable in 2020. "We have two or three areas that are going to be big focuses for us that I think are massive tsunamis of opportunity," he told Business Insider at the World Economic Forum in Davos.
   Microsoft earnings preview: Cloud business has nothing but blue skies  2020/01/24 17:53:00 MarketWatch
When the software behemoth reports its results Wednesday, Wall Street is ready for another strong quarter.
   Apple has a new biggest bull on Wall Street. Here's why he thinks the company will reach a $2 trillion market value.  2020/01/24 14:41:43 Business Insider
Apple has a new Wall Street-high price target of $400 per share from Wedbush analyst Dan Ives. Long-term iPhone sales growth from the 5G "super cycle" and continued expansion of Apple's Services business can push the tech giant to a $2 trillion valuation by the end of 2021, Ives said in a Thursday note. The company joins Microsoft , Alphabet , and Saudi Aramco as the only public companies with valuations greater than $1 trillion, and would become the first US firm to hit the $2 trillion level if Ives' prediction holds true. Watch Apple trade live here . Apple can leap to a $2 trillion market cap by the end of 2021, Wedbush analyst Dan Ives predicted on Thursday. The tech giant is already up nearly 10% in the year-to-date after an 86% gain in 2019, but Ives sees the company's upcoming 5G iPhones and growing services business driving shares higher over the next few years. The analyst set a new Wall Street-high price target for Apple stock in his latest note, lifting his target to $400 per share from $350. "While the stock has had a massive rally over the past year and thus far in 2020, we continue to believe this is a 'must own' stock into what we would characterize as a transformational 5G super cycle over the next 12 to 18 months with Apple being our favorite 5G play," Ives wrote.
   Bytedance's TikTok hires Microsoft IP chief as general counsel | MarketScreener  2020/01/24 14:04:11 MarketScreener
Popular mobile video app TikTok said on Friday it has hired attorney Erich Andersen from Microsoft to serve as the company's global general counsel, reporting to president Alex Zhu. | January 24, 2020
   Microsoft’s Carbon-Negative Gambit  2020/01/24 11:10:36 Green Technology
Microsoft is setting a new standard for corporate climate targets. The technology company promised to remove all of the carbon that it’s ever put in the atmosphere -- going back to when it was founded in an Albuquerque garage in 1975. That includes $1 billion in carbon removal technologies and methods. Can it pull off such an ambitious plan? And will it force other corporates to follow? We'll discuss on this week's episode of The Energy Gang . Then, we'll look at a landmark climate case. Twenty-one young people who sued the federal government for the right to live in a stable climate prevailed and prevailed and prevailed…until they lost. A judge agreed with their case, but said the courts weren’t the place to remedy climate change. What does it mean for future litigation? Plus, we have a new member of the gang we’re going to meet: Ingrid Lobet, our senior editor. Make sure to follow her on Twitter . Resources: MIT Technology Review : Microsoft will invest $1 B in carbon reduction and removal tech Wall Street Journal : Microsoft Raises Stakes in Corporate Climate Pledge Race Vox : 21 Kids Sued the Government Over Climate Change AP: U.S.
   Microsoft’s Surface Pro X Holds The Key To Beating Apple’s Macbook Pro  2020/01/24 00:00:00 Forbes
The fight between Apple’s MacBook family and Microsoft’s Surface family is a slow-burn of intense competition. But Microsoft’s move at the end of last year may well prove to be a cunning plan that will give Surface an advantage.
   Microsoft’s sneaky plan to switch Chrome searches from Google to Bing  2020/01/23 20:26:46 Ars Technica
Get ready for support calls when users see Bing results they never asked for.
   Did Google Assassinate Wife Of Whistleblower Who Exposed The Search Engine?  2020/01/22 05:05:00 Zero Hedge
Did Google Assassinate Wife Of Whistleblower Who Exposed The Search Engine? Via, A high-profile Google whistleblower who back in July testified before Congress that the search engine meddled in the 2016 presidential election on behalf of Hillary Clinton is now suggesting that the fatal car crash that killed his wife last month may not have been an accident. Did Google assassinate whistleblower’s wife who exposed the search engine? Google Whistleblower Dr. Robert Epstein Robert Epstein is an American psychologist, professor, author, and journalist. He earned his Ph.D. in psychology at Harvard University in 1981, was editor in chief of Psychology Today, a visiting scholar at the University of California, San Diego, and the founder and director emeritus of the Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies in Concord, MA. Criticism of Google In 2013, Epstein wrote in Time magazine that Google had “a fundamentally deceptive business model”. In 2015, he said that Google could rig the 2016 US presidential election and that search engine manipulation was “a serious threat to the democratic system of government”.
   HCL Technologies launches dedicated Microsoft business unit  2020/01/22 02:46:00 ITBrief
The HCL Microsoft Business Unit will create intellectual property extending the Microsoft platform for customer-specific scenarios.
   Update: Curveball Exploit (CVE-2020-0601) Starts Making the Rounds | MarketScreener  2020/01/22 01:19:10 MarketScreener
A FortiGuard Labs Threat Analysis Introduction On patch Tuesday for January 2020, Microsoft disclosed a critical… | January 22, 2020
   Data Masons Unveils Expanded EDI Cloud Strategy  2020/01/21 21:33:00 PR Newswire
SARASOTA, Fla., Jan. 21, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Data Masons, a Microsoft One Commercial Partner and EDI innovator, today shares its strategy across its EDI product line for the next generation on the cloud for the new year. The increasing adoption of cloud-based Microsoft ERP platforms…
   Microsoft open-sources ONNX Runtime model to speed up Google’s BERT  2020/01/21 18:11:42 VentureBeat
Microsoft is open-sourcing an optimized version of Google's BERT that uses ONNX Runtime and CPUs or GPUs to speed language model performance.

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